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DSOA UPDATE: Interpreting Deep State Talk – Example

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First, our analysis must start with Jason Brodsky and his elk.  Jason Brodsky was the type of person whose value in High School was that he could be weggied and flushied at the same time.

His geeky appearance and demeanor is complemented by a screechy, nerdy voice leading to a toxic cocktail of annoyance.

As such, he was not and is not popular.  He couldnt win political office.

As most Deep Statists, they do not feel like they should actually obtain votes to justify their positions.  In fact, they do not believe that they should even be questioned.

Instead, they believe that those who actually get votes need to answer to them and to the think tanks which they infest and NOT to the people.

Upon a brief review of Brodsky’s twitter account, it becomes evident what Brodsky’s beliefs are and what his role within the Deep State system is.  Brodsky clearly is one of those that believes that the US exists to serve Israel in the Middle East.  Brodsky’s role within the Deep State is to be one of those who is to run point against the resistance and Iran in particular.

Here, the article quoted by Brodsky revolves around Iranian ships traveling to Venezuela.  The ships are traveling from one sovereign state (Iran) to another sovereign state (Venezuela) in accordance with an arrangement between these two sovereign countries.  The ships are traveling in international waters as is their right.

Moreover, even if as alleged by Brodsky and his fellow pencil neck Deep State buddies there is some sort of arms agreement.  Iran is able to sell arms following the lifting of the UN arms embargo pursuant to the U.S. violated JCPOA.

In short, this is not and should not even be newsworthy.

As part and parcel of Deep State standard operating procedures, Brodsky implies insidious wrongdoing where there is none.  In this case, the alleged deal between Venezuela and Iran is implicitly represented as evil.

As Deep Statists did most famously in the run-up to the disastrous Iraq war, they will hide their true intentions by stoking U.S. fears and anxieties even when they are obscure.  In this case, Brodsky slips in “long-range missiles capable of hitting the US”.

Brodsky goes on to turn this non-incident into an attack on the JCPOA; and then as is a favored tactic of Deep Statists, frames it as a “test” for those in power.  Of course, the comments follow up with the favored Deep State trope of “weakness vs. strength”.

This tweet’s message now becomes clear.  Brodsky is creating an issue where one does not exist and using this manufactured conflict to blackmail the US president to do what he and other Deep Statists want or for the President to be called weak and face their wrath.

This is also a signal to those politicians who are avowed tools of the Deep State to pick up this messaging.  Lady Lindsay and Lil Marco will follow suit soon.  Even though both politicians have repeatedly been exposed on a national stage; they will use their clout and power in the Senate to transfer Brodsky’s messaging into the halls of congress.  Other Deep State controlled members will soon follow as will the Deep State media.

This is how a little and unpopular soldier of the Deep State like Brodsky can exercise power and control over the most powerful and popular of elected officials.  In this case, Brodsky is hoping to brow beat the U.S. President to have the US interfere where it has no right to do so.

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