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Spearheaded by Pompeo, the United States tried to force its vision on the Middle East and elsewhere.  Pompeo dogmatically believes in his divine right to create a new world based on his own image.  He ultimately doesn’t believe any outcome or result will prove him wrong nor is any cost too much or any action immoral since ultimately his world view will be so great for the world.

When his boastful predictions are proven wrong or when his plans blow up upon impact with the brick wall of reality; he will always double down and rely on force and threats.  As he is acting in accordance with the stereotype of evil, he is undeterred since in his mind he is righteous.

The U.S. makes the same demand to Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Iran, and Iraq.  Do not resist and do what we say.  Your government must be constructed the way that we want, and you must behave the way that we demand.

The United States makes the same threats with slightly differing methods to all three countries:

  1. Political Attacks on World Stage: They use all of their diplomatic tools in bilateral and multilateral (U.N.) venues against these countries
  2. Subversive/Intelligence Operations:
    1. Iran: Social Media Operations, Creating Internal Dissent/Protests, Encouraging Ethnic Division, Assassinations, Theft of Domestic Resources, CyberAttacks, and Violent Attacks (Explosions)
    2. Iraq: Social Media Operations against PMUs, Fomenting of Protests, Political Pressure on Politicians who are under its thumb to go against PMU
    3. Lebanon: Social Media Operations against Political Parties, Fomenting of Protests, Cyber Attacks, Using Political Pressure to disrupt any government formation, and Violent Attacks (Explosions)
    4. Syria: Social Media Operations against Assad, Fomenting of Protests, Cyber Attacks
    5. Yemen: Social Media Operations against Houthis, Fomenting of Protests, Cyber Attacks
  3. Political Interference
    1. Iran: Use of Anti-Government Groups against the Government
    2. Iraq: Paid For Politicians and Kurdish Political Groups against the PMU and Promoting Deep State Agenda (Business Dealings, American Areas of Control, Etc.)
    3. Lebanon: Promotion of Allied Politicians and Political Groups
    4. Syria: Creation of SDF and Other “Opposition Groups”
    5. Yemen: Support for Hadi and Other Groups
  4. Sanctions/Economic Pressure
    1. Iran: Intense, Unjustified, Inhumane Sanctions Campaign which they in their perverted pride call “Maximum Pressure”
    2. Iraq: Unless they give the US what it wants as far as economic deals, use of resources, area of operation, and movement against PMU’s; the US has repeatedly threatened unjustified and massive sanctions
    3. Lebanon: Economic Pressure being applied on the Country leading to excessive damage to the economy, targeted sanctions at this time; threat of further sanctions
    4. Syria: Massive Sanctions under the title of the Caesar Act and the stealing of Syria’s oil and other resources
    5. Yemen: Sanctions compounding an already insane humanitarian crisis created by an imposed war combined with a blockade
  5. Military Actions:
    1. Iran: Constant Threat of Attack against Iran from the various bases encircling it
    2. Iraq: Un-authorized and Un-justified murder of Soleimani and Muhandis, Military strikes against the PMU and the threat of even greater strikes
    3. Lebanon: Threats of strikes against Lebanon with claims that Lebanon will be completely destroyed (Mysterious Explosions including a massive, murderous attack on Beirut’s Port)
    4. Syria: Airstrikes and Support for various armed groups including Islamist groups
    5. Yemen: Longstanding War with airstrikes and support for groups on the ground as well as importing troops from other parts of the world

Resistance Responses:

  1. Iran:
    1. Executing Murderer Wrestler against Trump’s direct interference
    2. Fighting back against Arms Embargo at the UN
    3. While pushing out of some restrictions due to US violations, the JCPOA has to date been saved
    4. Maintaining Support for its allies throughout the region
    5. Pushing Forward with Missile and Satellite technology
    6. Creating Deals with China and Russia
    7. Shipping out oil against Sanctions
    8. Providing assistance to Venezuela
  2. Iraq:
    1. Missile attacks continue regularly but less lethally against US targets
    2. Attacks against logistics/supply convoys for the US
    3. Pressure against Kazemi who wants to make the US happy
    4. Maintaining fight against ISIS
  3. Syria:
    1. Resistance to US bases in the Northeast via Russian troops in close proximity to them
    2. Eventually, there have been indications that suppressed Arab tribes in SDF areas may also raise up
    3. Struggle against Islamists in Idlib with on and off skirmishes
    4. Missile strikes from Israel continue but with death of Hezbollah things have become escalated
  4. Lebanon:
    1. With the death of its people in Syria, Hezbollah has vowed revenge against Israel
    2. It has been trying to recover from the damage done by the explosions within the country
    3. Trying to assist Lebanon in the formation of a new government
  5. Yemen:
    1. Striking back at Saudi targets with missiles
    2. Gaining ground in a tough, grueling civil war


  1. Its North has become paralyzed and many of its troops have been dedicated to a promised Hezbollah retaliation which has not yet been delivered
  2. It paused its Syria strikes for a time, but seems to be restarting them
  3. BiBi Netanyahu finds himself in political hot water as the country enters into an unprecedented time of internal turmoil. Bibi also appears to be seeking to take more of an authoritarian control over the country.
  4. The South finds itself under sporadic rocket fire and IED Balloon attacks that have been able to cause damage
  5. Seeking to create new realities on the ground via the embassy moving to Jerusalem, sovereignty over the Golan, and new acceptance by Saudi Appendages

Saudis and Appendages:

  1. Much of the Middle East is cut out into artificial countries without much history.. the Persian Gulf Countries are a prime example of this
  2. Unlike Israel though, most Middle Easterners accept that these countries by and large are made up with the people that were there
  3. Unlike the Kurds, the people in these countries do generally accept their ethnic origin and their kinship to each other
  4. Like Israel, these countries are highly divided between the chosen and the discarded and they are heavily westernized
  5. Like Kurds, the nations are highly pro-Western and serve to divide up the Middle Eastern unity
  6. They are really just one Arabia; but divided up into Pro-Western monarchies thus giving them a larger impact.
  7. Saudi Arabia serves as the leader for these nations, but they do have slight competitions/differences with each other.
  8. Oman which is more of a legitimate country than the rest has tried to carve out a neutral stance
  9. Qatar has recently tried to become more independent from the yoke of the Saudis
  10. These Persian Gulf nations are driven by three things: 1) Money; 2) Western Goods and Acceptance; 3) Enmity towards Iran
  11. They feign care for greater Arab and/or Middle Eastern causes; but it is generally of minimal importance to them
  12. Their Enmity for Iran drove them into changing the internationally accepted name of the Persian Gulf and to support Saddam Hussein against Iran.
  13. Later, they started to support Israel against the Iranians thus letting their fellow Arab Palestinians get trampled in the process.
  14. Oman has been able to maintain neutral relations with Iran
  15. After breaking away and vying for independence, Qatar became more concerned in promoting Arab causes throughout the region especially through the Muslim Brotherhood. Qatar also improved its relations with Turkey and Iran.
  16. With the rise of young, inexperienced princes like MBZ and MBS; these nations became ever more aggressive in their Western friendly policies
    1. They increased their pro-Israel and anti-Iranian activities
    2. They tried to go after Qatar to break it back in line
    3. Invasion of Yemen
  17. For the most part, these plans have backfired
  18. Despite providing assistance to Israel, they had tried to maintain a façade of pro-Arabism by not recognizing Israel. However, when the West requested that they fall in line; they did.
  19. This makes them more vulnerable to attacks in the long run


  • Iran has seen explosions throughout the country including on its nuclear sites.  There have also been repeated strikes on its ships and its top scientist was murdered
  • Israel has seen unexplained explosions on multiple sites, had a massive oil spill on its coastline, a rocket fired towards its nuclear plant which cleared much of its missile defense system, and repeated cyberattacks
  • There is a clear shadow war going on throughout the region, and it is unclear which accidents are attacks or just accidents

SITUATION: Clear Battle Lines Emerging:

  1. The older civilization nations with a history of having a working Middle Class or the so called “Real” countries (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, etc.) vs. the “Fake” Western Created nations (Israel, Bahrain, UAE, Saudi, etc.)
  2. The “Fake” Nations believe in a 3 Pronged Method of Defense 1) Have the US or others protect them; 2) Buy the best weapons possible in the hopes of magically killing everyone or scaring people; and 3) funding money and their wahabbi ideology in order to create Islamists that they hope to control and use.
  3. Jordan and Egypt have leadership that is more in line with the “Fake” Country alliance; but their populations are more in line with the “Real” Country alliance. As such, they are very hesitant and limited in what they can do.
  4. By recognizing Israel, the Persian Gulf Monarchies provide Israel with some benefits economically and strategically; but this pushes the chance of major war to be much higher. It is not clear what the US truly gains from having these nations in a war effort outside of money.  They may try to use some of these Islamist fighters but history has shown them to be unreliable time and again.  If anything, they will now have to provide these nations even more protection in any major conflict.
  5. All the while, India has taken its conflict with Pakistan to the next level leading to occasional skirmishes. It has also internalized this battle by going after its own Muslim population.  This may lead to a future destabilization of India.  As India is fully embracing now of the “Fake” Country Alliance; Pakistan may enter into the “Real” Country Alliance.
  6. Watching all this are China and Russia, who have slowly but clearly, moved closer to the “Real” Country alliance which is also the Resistance Alliance.
  7. These battle lines are increasingly becoming hardened and re-inforced and we have entered a slow, multidimensional World War pitting:
    1. US/Israel/Saudi/Allies vs. Russia/China/Iran/Allies
    2. India and Pakistan will cancel each other out
  • The West is trying to create another fake country in Kurdistan to ally itself with
  1. All these countries use all means (Cyber, Propaganda, Military Strikes, Covert Action, Economic Warfare) against each other.
  2. All of these countries are also weak and divided internally to differing extents
  3. The future may involve only increased intensification of conflict and descent into a traditional major hot war
  • What countries have a role in tipping the scale for one alliance or another:
    • South America and Asia: There already is a division between Resistance and Pro-Western; but in many ways these have already been factored into the conflict
    • Europe: Europe has been weakened by the United States which has demanded to protect Europeans plus Europeans are becoming disinterested in the wars started by the Americans
    • The biggest scale tipper will be Turkey. Turkey is in the perfect geographical region and it is a “Real” Country with a powerful military.  It has both resistance and pro-Western tendencies. It flirts with Russia but is in NATO.  Where Turkey goes may decide the ultimate winner in this conflict.  Knowing this, Turkey has been playing both sides, and using this as an opportunity to attack in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Armenia, Greece, etc.  IT IS THE SWING STATE!!
  • The ultimate loser of the Deep State policy is known. It is the United States since it was already the unquestioned sole Superpower so any major conflict can at best leave it atop the mountain.  Unfortunately, the Deep State lacks the ability to admit it is wrong or to adjust; and it will only continue to double and triple down increasing the speed towards this truly unnecessary and costly conflict
  • Will the US stay atop, lose a little, or lose a lot? We cannot truly know; but it is important to see what kind of condition the United States is currently in.

SITUATION: Condition of the United States

  • Historical Buildup to Destruction of True Debate within the System:

Starting in the Sixties (60s), America started to go at war with itself.

Liberals/Progressives, by definition, look to change the status quo.

Conservatives, by definition, are hesitant and resistant to change the status quo.

Prior to the 1960s, American society had experienced a long period of calm.  Society had not undergone much radical change, but it had rather slowly evolved over time.

The Ultra-Progressive Hippie movement of the Sixties (60s) sought to radically and abruptly change American society.

The Liberals/Progressives primarily attacked American society on the following fronts:

  • Sexualization: Promoting an overly sexualized norm where multiple partners was to be accepted.
  • LGBTQ Rights: Promotion of Gay, Lesbian, Transvestite Rights
  • Woman’s Rights: Promotion of hardcore Feminist rights and the belief in empowering women to take over traditionally male roles
  • Civil Rights/Racial Issues
  • Drug Use

The issue with this movement was the radically extreme solutions that they proposed.  These desire of the lefties was to force them upon society and to do so at a breakneck, reckless speed.

As an example, it may have been a fair argument that the extremely prudish and ultra-conservative 50’s American viewpoint towards sex could loosen up a bit or that women’s roles could evolve within society.

Instead the Ultra-Left insisted on women quickly taking on the men’s roles in society.  The radical change that ensued and the speed with which it ensued has led to the breakdown of the nuclear family.

These Changes weaken the United States in the current conflict as the breakdown of society make it unable to properly compete with these other societies as opposed to its strong societal structure during WWII and the Cold War.

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