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The Deep State Controlled Media also started to actively promote black cultural superiority over white culture.  At every opportunity, white culture was put down and black culture was elevated.  When the average person sought out television as a refuge to escape their increasingly challenging reality, they found themselves exposed to this cultural push.

TV shows tried to portray unusual social groupings as the norm.  Faux diversity became the rage.  Amongst these unusually diverse circles, the white guy was always portrayed as weak, goofy, and the butt of the jokes (On Black TV Shows this was hyperinflated).  The Black Guy was always super cool and the gay guy was lovable.  Women were always powerful especially as compared to the White Guy.

This was the plot of so many TV Shows and Movies.  If this was not enough, the super creative geniuses of the deep state decided to remake classic tv shows replacing the traditional white characters with women or minority characters even when this was ridiculous (Clearly Irish Magnum P.I. became Mexican, and red headed Orphan Annie became Black).  At least, we got the pleasure of all female Ocean’s and Ghostbusters cast… Yay!!

There was no escape and what was the supposedly unscripted world of sports became the worst violator.  Every white coach or gm was held to an extremely high standard, but every black coach or gm was routinely praised and promoted even clear failures and scrubs like Byron Scott and Mark Jackson.  ESPN turned every show into a platform for Black Athletes to promote their perspective:

On their network, almost every show personality would start with:

“As a black athlete, “

Black Professional Athletes represent a minute section of the population, but ESPN felt that it needed to dedicate its channel to get their message out (repeatedly)

Any white anchor has to be ultra PC and propagate the message of the Black Propaganda Machine on the channel.  The main anchor, who supposedly represents the white point of view, Max Kellerman, is often far more pro-Black then even his black co-host Steven A. Smith.

On his radio show, Max Kellerman has often admitted that he believes that since his values are superior to others that it is his job to (paraphrasing him) indoctrinate others.  He also believes laws should push these values on people even if the majority of the population disagrees.

To understand, how ESPN can push a subject down someone’s throat, one only needs to look at Lebron James.


(Note: Much of this was written prior to what passed as playoffs in 2020; but no one should accept these sham bubble playoffs as legitimate)

ESPN and other MSM outlets love LeBron James a.k.a. the Poster Child for the new failed generation of America.

  • From High School, he was promoted as the greatest thing to ever grace a basketball court.
  • The Hype was extremely over the top as almost anything that the Main Stream Media decides to promote is
  • Many may say that this isn’t his fault and that he was a nice humble kid and that the media decided to promote him. However, his Chosen One tattoo belies that myth
  • Nike then made cartoons with cookies comparing LeBron (Who hadn’t won any titles yet) to Kobe Bryant (who had already won 3). The disrespectful narrative was clear: LeBron was already as good as the Best in the league even though he hadn’t accomplished anything.
  • LeBron James was a freak of nature and one of the greatest pure athletes ever. There have also been dogged rumors that his clear athletic advantage was also enhanced with performance enhancing drugs, but there is no evidence that this is true.  In any case, LeBron enjoyed a larger physical/athletic advantage in the league that had not been previously seen.
  • In addition to having a clearly superior physical advantage, this advantage was compounded by the league allowing him to constantly travel and run into players. Refs not only allowed him to do this, but often times clear charge calls against LeBron were turned into blocking calls.  In fact, LeBron is one of the few players that refs would reverse calls or at least reconsider their calls due to him simply protesting.  Given all of these advantages, LeBron should have been the most unstoppable force ever, and he should have racked up more titles than Bill Russell.
  • The main argument many (especially on ESPN) use for Jordan being the GOAT is that he went 6 and 0 in the finals in the modern NBA. However, these same people will often put LeBron up there in the same conversation even though he is 3 and 5 in the Finals in an even weaker NBA.  WHAT GIVES?!
  • What makes it worse is that he is often the reason for these losses. In fact, teams that were not considered that good and were expected to lose to him often become great after facing him.  A deeper look at his performance especially as a leader further reveals how bogus ESPN’s coverage of him is:
    1. He has spent most of his career in a historically weak East, and for the most part; he has been a part of historically powerful super teams. The fact that he didn’t make it to the FINALS even a couple of those years is shameful in and of itself.  However, what happened to him when he faced the slightest bit of competition is even more embarrassing.
    2. Against a Mavs Team led by only one true Superstar in Dirk; LeBron had a team of Superstars with him, DWade and CBosh. LeBron choked in a way that no player in the Mount Rushmore of the NBA ever has.  He started refusing to take big shots and at critical moments repeatedly gave the ball to one foot in the grave of retirement Juwan Howard.
    3. Against the Spurs, he once again had a closing sequence that no All Time Great could live with. In the clutch of Game 6, he threw up shots which hit the backboard, literally threw the ball away, and missed multiple shots.   If it wasn’t for a Bosh rebound and an all time great bail out by Ray Allen.  He would have lost.  This created a Rubber Match against the Spurs, and the Spurs came back and dominated to prove that it was truly a fluke and heroics that rescued LeBron.
    4. Against the Warriors, he was down 3 Games to 1, in a series, which he should have dominated. Given the 2-2-1-1-1 Format of the Finals; the Warriors had the momentum and were all set up for a closeout game at home in Game 5.  With that format, that is the most critical game.  Of course, the league intervened, suspending Draymond Green for that game based on a nonsense altercation that LeBron himself instigated.  JR Smith then low bridged Bogut, and Iguodala got hurt.  All of these factors combined with Kyrie going crazy and, of course not LeBron, hitting the big shot resulted in LeBron barely pushing through another ring.  As the Spurs did before them, the Warriors then came back and beat LeBron… but the Warriors did it twice more.
    5. The most legit win for LeBron was against the Thunder. Of Course, LeBron had his Super Team with experience against a young and inexperienced Thunder team.
    6. Despite all these advantages for LeBron, what is his overall accomplishment on the biggest stage against competition:
      1. 1 and 0 Against the Thunder
      2. 1 and 2 Against the Spurs
      3. 0 and 1 Against the Mavs
      4. 1 and 3 Against the Warriors

End Result: Extremely Poor Record in the Finals and Against Real Competition.  In fact, other than the young, upstart Thunder, every team has gotten the better of him.

Social Impact of LeBron James:

  • The Biggest Issue with LeBron James is his representation and promotion of the Mental Midget Modern Millenial Mentality.
    1. Instead of the old school “To Be The Man You Got To Beat the Man” mentality, LeBron has spent his career seeking to stack the deck in his favor. Looking for teams with the most unfairly loaded talent and he combines this with finding conferences/divisions with the least competition.
    2. Recently, I saw, that a group of tall, highly athletic kids came to the park where a bunch of short, middle aged men were playing. Instead of trying to create fair teams as was the old school mentality.  These kids went “LeBron”.  They stayed together and picked up the best remaining player who was there.  Predictably, they were dunking and killing the other team.  In addition, they were talking a great deal and being highly disrespectful.  To the point, were they got into some poor guy’s face for no real reason and the two older men who had come with these young group of hot shots started to threaten the poor, middle aged guy.
    3. This is LeBron. When he has the lead and his team is clearly better than the other team, he is rapping along with songs. He is dancing and prancing with his teammates.  However, as his record in the Finals indicates, when he gets hit with competition he withers.  He often then passive aggressively blames his teammates.
    4. How has ESPN and the League covered this ultimate failure? They have made excuses and still found a way to praise his play.  All the time trying to argue that he is 1 or 2 all the time.
  • Promotion of LeBron James as an Icon
    1. Even from the start, there were many people who saw through the LeBron hype and were not that high on him. Then, when LeBron started to struggle, he ran to South Beach to join a Super Team and enjoy the nightlife. In doing so, he abandoned his own hometown since he was scared he couldn’t win without an overwhelming talent advantage.  He then promised 6 or 7 titles to Miami (which he failed)
    2. He also decided to stick the knife in his hometown’s back in one of the most arrogant and unwarranted events ever, “The Decision”. Of Course, who was complicit in this show, his personal network, ESPN.
    3. This only further eroded his supposed popularity.
    4. Despite his controversial and polarizing status in America, ESPN and LeBron promoted himself as a highly popular and beloved ICON like Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson. As is the Deep State/MSM’s way, the actual opinion of the American population did not matter when compared to their narrative.  In other words, an opinion was forced down the throat of the public and insultingly represented as their own.
    5. When LeBron spoke or tweeted, it was as if the Leader of the People was speaking, even though he was actually speaking directly against a large portion of the population.
    6. LeBron James does not seem particularly brilliant or bright. Other than being blessed with amazing athleticism and following the path set forth by Magic, Jordan, Kobe and others; he has not done anything truly smart.  In fact, if it wasn’t for basketball, there is no reason to think he would be in any great job.  However, ESPN insists that everyone repeat incessantly how smart LeBron James is.
    7. LeBron James through the use of his friend is a player and also an agent. This is complete corruption.

As Anthony Davis proved, he is not afraid to use this corruption to build the superteam that is necessary for his success.  The League could not stop him.

  1. LeBron James has also turned the NBA into a league where players jump around teams to play with whomever they want. The NBA has become a pickup league where players just make up their own teams on the fly.  This has been colored as “player empowerment’.  It has been explained as a response to greedy owners who have been exploiting the players.  Truth is that without the owners and the teams and the organizations; the players would have no power.  They would be playing basketball at parks without the ability to truly monetize it. Despite the opinion and propaganda of ESPN and others that the league owes the players; it is actually the players that need the league more.
  2. The new player run league has destroyed the traditional connection of fans to the team. As a result, the league has had to hype up different storylines and use gimmicks to keep up fan interest.  At its core though, the league is weaker and many fans have noticed.  This is part of LeBron’s legacy.
  • Racial Issues and LeBron:
    1. When LeBron has been harshly criticized, he has been quick to claim racism.
    2. His attack on the traditional format of the league has been driven by his claim to bring retribution for a league dominated by black players against the white owners
    3. LeBron has also created a banana boat group of people (Wade, Melo, CP3) who are driven to use their celebrity to push their ideas especially on race;
    4. LeBron was very active when it came to TraeVon Martin. LeBron thought his sway with white people and as the “Chosen One” would make him lead the Black Lives Matter movement.  Of Course, he only jumped on when there was a heavy media push for TraeVon Martin.  As polls later showed, when LeBron jumped on,  he actually eroded support for the movement.
    5. LeBron has also been heavily involved in promoting the politics of the Black Lives Matter movement overall.

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