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DSOA Special Update: M.E. Conflict

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One of the main trends discussed in these writings has been the Deep State and the conflicts in the Middle East.  Recently, special attention has been placed on the boiling tensions.  It now appears that the boiling tensions have started to combust.

At the heart of this conflict lays Israel.

Israel is in many ways a symbol of the utopian ideals of humanity.  The Israel Project sought to create a progressive, democratic homeland for a displaced and victimized group with the intent purpose of protecting that group.

Why did the Israel project fail?

Like many utopian ideologies before it, such as Communism, the ideology underlining it failed to account for human nature.

As is often the case in ideologically driven projects, facts are ignored.

Zionism the underlying political ideology which was the driving force behind the creation of the State of Israel sought to create a state based purely on religious affiliation.  Zionism was highly influenced by Nazism.

It accepted the Nazi assertion that Jews were a race and not a religion, and it argued that why is it that there are all of these Christian and Muslim countries but not a single country for the Jews.

In creating Israel, they would be creating the Vatican but with an Army.

An issue with this thinking was that while religion has played a role in the creation of nation states (i.e. Ireland, Pakistan, Tibet, etc.); most countries are created at least roughly based on the people who have been there organically.  While religions and ethnic differences have played a role in the creation of these countries, these religions represented the values of the indigenous population  and not the product of manufactured wholesale importing.

The closest example to the creation of country based upon an imported population would be the United States  or other countries in the New World of the Western Hemisphere.

Given the religious importance placed on Jerusalem and the “Promised Land” by Jews, there was no better place for them to create this project then in the Holy Land.

The problem for them, which in fairness was also true for the European Settlers of the Americas, was that there were already people there.

There are two differences between the European Settlement of the Americas and the Zionist Settlement of the Middle East. 1) Most people have now agreed that what was done to Native Americans was wrong and the world should know better now; 2) The population in the Middle East was an ancient and very well known population as opposed to the unknown natives of the Americas.

The Palestinians were made up of the indigenous groups that had lived in that region (Arabs, Israelites, Greeks, etc.).  Over the years, these groups had come to accept a Palestinian identity.  The three major religions of the region were prominent with the Palestinian people: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

This conflict is one of the biggest faults underlying the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Later, Zionists tried to resolve this issue by arguing an arch from the ancient Israelites to the Modern Israel often insisting that Palestine is made up.  However, there is plenty of evidence from early Israeli leaders that suggests otherwise:

Ben Gurion: “We Must Expel the Arabs and Take Their Place” – CounterPunch.org

This revisionist history has only fueled the burning ambers of conflict.  In turn, this conflict has fundamentally changed those engaged in this conflict.

This is an oversimplification given the various currents of thoughts and ideas in both groups, but when dealing with the overwhelming currents of thoughts we see a clear dichotomy in the paths taken by European Jews.

The European Jews, who came to America, have become stalwarts of human rights, equal rights, American ideals and breaking barriers in relations with other groups.

The European Jews, who went to the Middle East, have become increasingly arrogant, xenophopic, aggressive, and obsessed with the power of force.

Their subsequent experiences have given them two completely disparate lessons from the horrors of Nazism.  American Jews have come to believe that hate and violence will lead to disastrous results.  Israeli Jews have come to believe that the world is out to get them and only through force can they protect themselves.  The cynicism has left them with a simple “dog eat dog” mentality.

Each conflict has stripped away another layer of humanity.  In the name of security, the unthinkable (building walls around ghetto neighborhoods, de jure policies to protect one group over another, indiscriminate bombings, taking and pushing people off their lands) has become accepted.

The end result of this mentality is BiBi Netanyahu

BiBi preaches the mantra of hate, force and violence at every turn.

He has no solutions for any of the underlying problems facing the people of the region.  He simply uses tricks, uncertainty, and conflict to stay in power.

It is clear that no matter the details and how to apportion fault, one man was responsible for sparking this conflict whether intentionally, negligently, or recklessly.  That same man is a known criminal.

Israel political chaos: Third election looks likely as Netanyahu is indicted. (slate.com)

It is that same man that benefits while others are suffering and dying.  The punishment doled out to Gaza is unconscionable.

The history of Israel ‘mowing the grass’ in Gaza – The Washington Post

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian on Twitter: “Al Jala tower being struck now after several roof-knock drone strikes. The building houses several media outlets in Gaza, including Al Jazeera. https://t.co/pLrQ98piiK” / Twitter

One Israeli commentator commented about destroying the media building and other civilian buildings in Gaza as well as the large number of deaths that it was justified to make sure conflicts happen later rather than sooner.

The argument that it is okay to destroy and kill as many as possible so to avoid more conflict is in fact an admission of massive criminal murder for an improper purpose.

BiBi is quite frankly a run of the mill autocratic, murderous strong man.

Bibi’s Henchmen Threaten to Turn Israel Into a Mafia State (msn.com)

The dream of the Israeli Project of a democratic, vibrant democracy lies in the nightmares of a conflict ridden, hate filled autocratic regime staying in power on the basis of deceit and power only.

In fact, it has failed to protect Jewish communities as well. There is a conflict of interest simply which showed during recent attacks on Jewish people in France.  Netanyahu sought to exploit that conflict so that the French citizens would move to Israel.

Netanyahu to French, European Jews after Paris attacks: Israel is your home – The Jerusalem Post (jpost.com)

French Jews in Israel say ‘non’ to mass emigration after attacks – Haaretz Com – Haaretz.com

These policies and rhetoric has not protected Jewish populations but has led to the destruction of various Jewish populations throughout the world especially in the Middle East.

As BiBi stokes the rampant flames of xenophobia, Israel has not avoided blowback.

In 2014, the US and Iran entered into a deal that contained the Iranian program and provided for unprecedented inspection.  The majority of the Palestinian territories were ruled by the PA and by Mahmoud Abbas.  They had been peaceful.

Israeli Arabs had sought to pursue their rights within the Israeli system.

Wealthy Arab States, who had become disillusioned with the conflict, were ready to move on.

Other Middle Eastern countries had become embroiled in their own issues.

The ground was set for a resolution for peace.  One State, Two State, Somewhere in between; a true and permanent peace could be had.

BiBi decided that he had no need for a true peace as it did not serve him politically or his own extreme ideological goals of an extensive takeover of as much land and power as possible.

Also, BiBi had become consumed with his obsessive war against Iran.

BiBi took his war to the floor of the US government undermining a U.S. President and started to turn the bi-partisan policy of supporting Israel into a partisan issue.

When he got his guy, in Trump, BiBi took his crusade into a higher gear.

Anti-Palestinian rhetoric including from his own son was unleashed in Israel at previously unknown levels:


Chanting “Death to Arabs,” Israeli Mobs Attack Arab-Owned Businesses and Assault Driver | Democracy Now!

Meanwhile, BiBi, who had previously encouraged the U.S. to make the biggest modern mistake in its history:

BiBi, who had a long and personal relationship with Trump’s son in law took control of Trump’s Middle Eastern foreign policy.  This level of corruption should surprise no one when it comes to these two men:

When Netanyahu slept at the Kushners — and other media tales of Trump’s Jewish confidantes – The Jerusalem Post (jpost.com)

Trump and Bibi agree they both love Jared Kushner | Daily Mail Online

They tried to promote a “solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian issue which was only designed to insult Palestinians, and the rest of the time was dedicated to BiBi’s obsessive war against Iran:

Under BiBi’s control, Trump abandoned the successful Iran Nuclear Deal (for what it was supposed to do), unleashed inhumane and highly punitive sanctions against Iranians, pushed for Regime Change, Murdered an Iranian General, Assassinated an Iranian Scientists, cajoled Arab countries into agreements with Israel, and attacked Iranian ships as well as Syria on a regular basis.

Bibi threatens Iran: Get out of Syria, and it should be fast (israelunwired.com)

Has Bibi Boxed Biden in on Iran? by Pat Buchanan (townhall.com)

This policy of pure power and force is also an indication of the Arabization of the Israeli policy.  It is a far cry from the European, intellectually dominated policy of the early Israeli Project.  As Arab Jews and interaction with Arabs and Arab nations has changed the culture of Israel.  Israel has started to display the characterizations of the Arab states surrounding it including hubris, force, and emotional incitement.

There can be no doubt that this warfare against Iran after Iran had stuck a deal with the West cost Iran dearly:

  • Collapsed Economy
  • Shortage of Food and Medicine
  • Inflated pain due to COVID – 19
  • Attacks on infrastructure including Hospitals
  • The loss of national heroes
  • Distrust in government
  • Foreign created protests
  • Instability
  • Loss of Life

Following the explosion in Natanz by what appears to be Israeli agents, Netanyahu celebrated and toasted Mossad.

In BiBi’s calculus, he could hit Iran with impunity and any revenge would lead to a war which would force America into BiBi’s corner and serve the Deep State’s wet dream of “Regime Change”.

However, unlike Israel’s Arab adversaries, Iran neither cowered nor did it immediately and emotionally respond.


Like a Hollywood screenplay, the templated talking points of defending Israel are well practiced and oft repeated.

“When will Arabs love themselves more than hate Israel”

“What would you do if your city/country was a victim of terrorism”

“Look at all of the Arab countries, and there is only this little Israel here”

“If only the Arabs would build their countries like Israel did instead of looking to harm Israel”

“They want to use their civilians to protect terrorists, but we want to protect civilians”

“If the Arabs put down their weapons, there will be peace; if Israel does, there will be no Israel”

“Israel looks to avoid civilian casualties whereas Palestinians want to cause civilian casualties”

“The world needs to support Israel against terror”

“Israel has a right to protect itself”

“I stand with Israel”

Without fail, no matter the context or circumstances, pro-Israeli forces will push this propaganda.

Palestinians, likewise, have their own propaganda based mostly on their victimhood.

However, the Israeli talking points seem to paint the picture of the Palestinian and the Arab as a cartoon for Western audiences.

This trope or canard wants the listener to believe that Arabs only exist with a never ending desire to kill Jews and to destroy everything.  This description of Arabs as violent animals beneath the civilized West and Israelis in particular has become deeply indoctrinated within Israeli society.

When the obvious, simple truth goes against their narrative, then they look to muck things up with complicated legalistic arguments.  They will often start with “Here are the actual facts”.

They will claim the leadership mantle of the world and ask that everyone stand with them. But, if there is a resolution against them, then the world is biased against them.

As a part of the propaganda efforts, they will always try to put in some sarcastic joke which implies the evil/lowness of the Arab. “i.e. will I guess he’s with his virgins now”.

The goal of the propagandists is to impart an “us vs. them” view on the West.

Simply, make the targeted audience believe that “we” (Israelis) are normal and civilized and the others are animals.

The argument were Israel is surrounded by Arab countries  also runs contrary to their arguments.  Given the fact that the country is located within a sea of Arabas then it makes logical sense that the land would also be inhabited by Arabs.

In the comments section of the following post, you can see how the Israeli propagandists push these troupes while also celebrating the deaths of Palestinians.  As one comment states…simply… Good.

Beyond the propagandizing, the arguments would hold more water if the Palestinians had a state.

By way of example, Israelis complain about unguided rockets hitting civilian targets, but Israelis actively stop Palestinians from getting better weapons.

Israelis complain that the regular rules should not apply to them since they are not facing a regular army; but it is Israel that will not let the Palestinians have an army.

Likewise, they complain about facing a non-state actor, but they are the ones standing in the way of a Palestinian state.

Earlier generations of Israeli leadership understood that a Palestinian state would ultimately provide further protection to Israel for these very reasons.

These arguments are not made to truly win, but to provide cover for those who will support their actions no matter what.  Israeli leaders believe they can do anything they want, and manipulate the US to allow them.

Just ask BiBi

Ultimately, one could make a fair argument here that both the Israelis and Palestinians are looking to protect themselves and pursue their interests with whatever weapons that they have available.

In any case, this is not the argument that Israel wants to have.

BiBi wants the argument to be about Israel vs. Iran.

Iranian Reaction to BiBi’s Obsessive War?

BiBi loves to point to Israel as facing off against bad guy Iran.

Israeli propagandists disseminate many of the same arguments against Iran that they do against Arabs; but they can point to Iran as a State.

They are the little good guy standing up against the Big Bad Guy.

The purpose of this argument is to maintain Israel’s qualitative Military Advantage and to get more money and weapons from the US.

Israeli PM calls struggling against Iran “huge task” after Natanz nuke facility blackout – China.org.cn

He even gloated about leading the struggle against Iran and how its made Israel into a “superpower”.

In response, Iran called Israel as strong as a “spiderweb”.

Following the revolution, Iran had viewed support of the Palestinian resistance as a moral duty; but it also provided Iran with great benefits in the region.

On the other hand, Israel and the Deep State had a policy of making support for the Palestinians a costly proposition for other nations.

The end result was that the only country left truly supporting the Palestinians was Iran.

Iran was waiting for BiBi to go too far or to make a mistake.

Whether intentionally or due to BiBi being distracted, Israeli police started to mishandle and mismanage the Sheikh Jarrah episode.  Eventually, they went into one of the holiest places in Islam…. Al-Aqsa Mosque.

This was the mistake. This was the spark.

Al-Aqsa under attack: How Israel turned holy site into a battleground | Middle East Eye

Democracy Now! on Twitter: “Viral videos of Israeli settlers attacking Palestinians in recent weeks have shown the world “that Israel is an apartheid state,” says Palestinian writer Mohammed El-Kurd. “It treats Palestinians the way colonizers treat the colonized.” https://t.co/BU6xCqp3y1 https://t.co/OeYcOvwJti” / Twitter


One of BiBi’s proudest accomplishments was that he had taken the Palestinian issue out of the focus of the world’s news media, but in an instant it was back.

Thousands take part in pro-Palestinian protests in cities across the world (nbcnews.com)

Israel and the Deep State with great costs and resources had started anti-Iran protests in places like Iraq.  They had done so via the use of their intelligence assets and social media campaigns.  These campaigns did have some success.

In a moment and with almost no cost, Iran saw Iraqis falling back into the pro-Palestinian world view which it promotes:

All of a sudden, Netanyahu’s tireless work to make it Israel and the Arabs against Iran had returned to the Palestinians vs. Israelis.

As Arabs, Muslims and other came pouring out in support of Palestinians; the Arabs that had found themselves side by side with Netanyahu were now forced to either be quiet or to even condemn him.

Muslim States Condemn Israel’s ‘Barbaric Attacks’ Against Palestinians | World News | US News

This was a huge victory for Iran, and the Maximum Pressure against Iran had now turned into Pressure on Israel.

As for the actual battle, Israel has every tactical advantage and Israel has an enormous technological and military advantage against most countries especially Gaza.

This battle has shown to no one’s surprise that Israel’s missile defense is competent, and that its jets can do damage. As Thomas Friedman said Israel also showed that it can “outcrazy”. In other words, it is willing to destroy and kill.

Opinion | For Trump, Hamas and Bibi, It Is Always Jan. 6 – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

For Iran, it was important that little Gaza show the rest of the Middle Easterners that it could fight against the Israeli behemoth.

Despite massive bombing campaigns, Gaza was able to send multiple barrages as far as Tel Aviv.


The fact that Gaza was able to do this is an accomplishment, and it shows the beginnings of an actual Palestinian military force or Army.

By testing Israel extensively, this also allowed others in the region to  learn about Israel’s defenses.

Moreover, despite the very best defenses that Israel has. Some of these primitive rockets did get through and hit some valuable targets:


This is after damage was done via Balloons as well:

Gaza incendiary balloons spark 10 fires in south for a third day | The Times of Israel



In the West Bank, the Palestinians cannot fight back except with the use of rocks and maybe basic small arms.  As their reaction to Gaza has shown, they want to fight back. The West Bank is now nudging towards Resistance.

This also helps Iran and its goals.


In addition, Protestors from Lebanon and Jordan came towards the Israeli border.

Riots and strife broke out across the cities of Israel itself.

In a blink of an eye, Israel’s stability was gone.

This also hinted at future conflicts:

With Jordan, Lebanon border violence Israel faces 4-front conflict – The Jerusalem Post (jpost.com)

This also has many thinking in Israel thinking if Iran had in fact warned them:

Iran reveals its strategy advising Hamas on war against Israel – The Jerusalem Post (jpost.com)

In addition to the military, psychological and strategical value; these conflicts are taking a toll economically:

This conflict has resulted in:

  1. A change in pressure from Iran towards Israel
  2. A change in the narrative
  3. A difference in Arab street and pressure on the Arab governments
  4. Testing/Use of new weapons by Hamas
  5. Going after previously unthought of targets like Oil Rigs, Infrastructure, Power Plants, Tel Aviv, and Iron Dome Batteries
  6. Strikes on important targets
  7. Internal Israeli divisions have become frayed
  8. Israelis seemed unable to do the ground invasion due to fear of Northern Front and maybe even Jordan

This may all be revenge from Iran for Israel’s actions against it.

This is in addition to Iran increasing its enrichment to 63%.

This is also in conjunction with:

  • Two massive structural collapses at religious ceremonies
  • Missile going from Syria towards Dimona
  • Missile test seemingly gone bad
  • Ammonia leak at factory
  • Numerous Cyber strikes on Israel
  • Israeli ships hitting mines
  • Major Oil Spill damaging Israel’s coastline
  • Some Military Mishaps

Did Iran have a hand in all or even any of these events. It is hard to tell. However, it has been a bad time for Israel.

This has psychologically hit Israel.

By way of example, some Israelis claimed that the oil spill was an Iranian attack while others denied it.

The biggest effect throughout this period has been economic.

Crops have burned. Some damage has been sustained to buildings and infrastructure.

Hundreds of Millions has been spent on shooting down missiles and bombing Gaza.

Israelis have had to shut down schools, businesses, airports, oil rigs, etc.

This conflict is a pretty expensive pill to swallow for any small country except in the case of Israel it passes the bill to the United States


The Deep State has always supported the now failed Israeli project.

No one in the United States was allowed to question this policy.

Even the Jewish population was often pressured into showing “support for Israel”

Burning Resources into the sands of the Middle East has had a substantially negative effect on the United States.

Traditionally, any Israeli conflict got wall to wall pro-Israeli coverage in the US and on the MSM.

All politicians had to fall in line.

This time around the MSM’s control over the population is not as strong.

Social Media is also a pervasive, new twist.

While the usual Deep State Tools are saying what they are supposed to: Pompeo, Rubio, Pence, Cruz, etc.

Some prominent politicians are trying to stand up to the pressure and to the fear that the Deep State paralyzes politicians with. Some are trying to speak the truth and have an earnest debate:

US legislator AOC calls Israel an ‘apartheid state’ (msn.com)

Opinion | Bernie Sanders: The Approach the Israel-Palestine Conflict Needs – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

There is now even pressure on the U.S. President:

Biden followed pro-Israel U.S. precedent. But new critics shake the status quo. (nbcnews.com)

Netanyahu has succeeded in making the almost universal support for Israel into a politically debated issue.

However, there are important questions to be answered:

For Israel, how long can it continue to keep its position in the Middle East on the back of a clearly declining United States?

BiBi, being whom he is, has already started to make contingencies:

Vladimir Putin Gives His Friend Bibi Netanyahu a Campaign Gift – Bloomberg

While the U.S. Is Waging a Trade War With China, Its Ally Israel Is Widening the Commercial Relationship (foreignpolicy.com)

Israel has gained land from the Palestinians through a slow and grueling process of displacement:



Does it want to continue down this policy at the cost of sacrificing the United States and hoping that Russia and China will provide it the same protection?



As America is losing influence against Sino-Russia and as people are lining up for gasoline, does it want to continue burning its resources in the Middle Eastern sky only so a strong man can stay in power and out of jail?




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