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  • Syrian/Iraqi Border Battle

Radioactive Neo-Can Deep Statists like Bolton, Pompeo, Lil Marco, Lady Lindsey, etc. surrounded and took over the Trump administration.  Trump had run on a promise to get out of Deep State wars, but one is only as good as the information that they receive.  With these people controlling Trump’s surroundings and the information getting to him, they completely used Trump to fulfill their purposes.

To them, the opening of the Syrian/Iraqi border was the ultimate red line, and they would do anything to stop it.  The Israelis/Saudis also lobbied heavily against the opening of this border.  What was so critical about this border crossing?

  • Opening of the border would allow for normalization of ties and economic exchanges between nations outside the control of the Deep State;
  • It would allow for a better life for those inside these countries thus making them less likely to become soldiers against their own countries (militarized tools) for the Deep State;
  • For those Deep Statists who had promoted starving and killing for the benefit of the people in these nations since their governments were evil, the normalization of these independent governments would remove the façade of justification for their actions thus turning the Deep Statists into murderers;
  • Israel needs for its neighboring nations to be either under Deep State control or preferably weak and fractured thus the opening of the borders would lead to a strengthening of these nations
  • Iran would also be able to improve its trade with its allied nations from Iraq to Lebanon and to help strengthen them

The United States of America did its part by pressuring the Syrian Government forces and ensuring that they were bogged down in battles.  They also assisted the SDF in holding land and Syrian Oil Assets East of the Euphrates and without any justification kept holding onto the Al Tanaf border crossing.  When Trump twice announced that he would keep his pledge to the American people and get troops out of Syria including Al Tanaf and East of the Euphrates; the Deep Statists in the MSM and in both parties went hysterical.  Leading the charge personally with Trump were Lil Marco and Lady Lindsay (a.k.a. the barking female dog of the Deep State).

Despite twice announcing that US troops were out of Syria, Trump relented and the US military stayed at Al Tanaf and took control of the oil fields.  The oil fields are not so much for US exploitation, which may come one day; but it is to deprive the Syrian government and by extension its people of their own resources.  Again, the goal is to keep Syria weak.

In the absence of any legal, moral, or other justification; Israel started to engage in acts of war and war crimes against two nations.  It started to bomb Syria.  There was no war or any action to bring this on.  Moreover, they also targeted areas where Iranians were assisting the Syrians.  As such, they also have Iranian blood on their hands.  Again, Israel had no reason nor right to do this.  Syria has every right to have allies in its country and to build up its defenses without getting bombed by a neighbor.

Israel also started to tee off against the border crossing at Abu Kamal thus revealing its fears about the growth and stability of Syria.  This action was greenlit by the United States; and to further fall in line with the Deep State, Trump went against UN Resolutions and against settled, stated US policy by claiming that Syria’s occupied Golan Heights now belonged to Israel.

Belligerent countries only understand force.  As such, Israel was hit back by Syria on a couple of occasions, however Syria was too bogged down with the Deep State created Civil War to effectively deter Israeli aggression.  Israel took this as an invitation to increase its devastation against its neighbor, and Israel viewed any act of self-defense by Syria as an invitation to quench its hunger for further destruction.

This created a cycle where Israel would strike Syria without warning, but then would take on highly punitive actions if Syria took the type of defensive action that any other country would take.

Getting away with these war crimes only further encouraged Israel, however the border crossing and advance of the Syrian government was not stopped which angered Israel. It also made it somewhat desperate.  The combination of Israeli anger and desperation is a dangerous cocktail.

Israel decided that attacking Syrians and Iranians in Syria was not enough, and it decided to attack Hezbollah in Syria and also to attack Iraq.  This led the Iraqi government to complain with one of its named allies, the United States.  It also led to Hezbollah taking a retaliatory strike in Israel itself.

Russia also from time to time flew jets to stop Israeli strikes and gifted a S-300 unit to Syria; but Russia refused to take other, more serious actions to stop Israeli attacks.

Despite these violent and aggressive actions and despite the sanctions and pressure on Iran; Iraq and Syria opened the Al Qaim – Abu Kamal border crossing at the end of September in 2019.  Instead of allowing these countries to peaceably move on with their lives, the Deep Statists motivated by the reasons listed above got desperate and decided it was time to escalate.

  • Post Border Opening Escalation

The Axis of Resistance consists of like-minded nations in the Middle East, who are looking to break away from the Global System.  These countries have become allies of Iran, and they often look to Iran for assistance.  These nations include Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.  Syria and Yemen have been mired in Wars directly or indirectly caused by Saudi Arabia along with US/Israeli/Western assistance.

Lebanon and Iraq were relatively calm and recovering states, and it would be here that the Deep State would seek to escalate.

The Deep State again turned to its weaponized population tool. The Border was opened in late September and then the October Protests were born.

Almost in perfect synchronization, Protests roared through Iraq and Lebanon, and they bore the same symptoms as other Deep State Organized Protests: 1) Heavy Social Media Control; 2) Agents on the Ground; 3) Mix of fun and violence to draw in crowds but with the façade of Peacefulness; and most importantly: 4) Ambiguous, Undefined Maximalist Demands that cannot be understood let alone satisfied.

As always with these protests, they started with the presumption of satisfying some legitimate demands from the general population (i.e. corruption); but soon the protestors started making demands that are unintelligible (“We Just Want A Country”; “We Want to Live”; “We Want to Be Happy”).

These protestors started blocking streets and provoking security forces so to get a reaction.  Once they get a reaction, they play the role of victim and this is disseminated throughout their propaganda networks.  It is at this point that they start demanding their maximalist demands which is usually the overthrow of the entire government.

The end result of these protests is to weaken the country, create chaos, and violence.  However, unbeknownst to some of the protestors (usually those who are just following along or believe whatever excuse that the Deep State feeds them), the purpose of these protests is not to improve their countries but for the Deep State to use them as a military force against its enemies.

Most organic protests happen due to a specific issue in the country or due to regional trends and movements.  In this case, the protests popped up in not one but two countries.  Unusually, no other countries in the region were affected but only countries that were a part of the Axis of Resistance.

The fact that this happened in only these countries and immediately after the border opening and right after US threats SPEAKS FOR ITSELF.  Many of those in Iraq and Lebanon soon figured out that they were under attack and their ally Iran also realized what was happening.  Dealing with these protests would be challenging though, and these countries struggled to deal with them.

As they were trying to figure out what was going on, the Deep State controlled propaganda machines, including but not limited to their Social Media operations made sure to turn the protests in these countries against Iran.  #Iraq became trending on the internet stoking and sharing clips from the protests. Saudi bots and users suddenly were all over #Iraq as were anti-Iranian bots and users.

Soon Protestors were used to kill those who had fought against ISIS. Some protestors pulled people out of ambulances so to kill them in the streets. These protestors also attacked and burned an Iranian consulate.

As protestors burned the Iranian consulate, which is a crime by any measure, members of the US administration clearly cheered this conduct on.  The United States had for forty years complained about how wrong it was to take over the US embassy in Tehran, but now they were celebrating the burning of the Iranian consulate.

Iran could no longer deny the severity of the attack; but before it could react the Deep State went for the headshot.  The Deep State created a series of highly violent protests in Iran itself.  From the start, the protestors moved on from their excuse of gas prices and requested the overthrow of the Iranian government.  Their violence escalated by the hour attacking gas stations, banks and even police stations.

It looked like Iran and its allies were done.  Spread thin they were facing violent weaponized members of their own societies attacking them from every angle looking for nothing less than decapitation.  At this time, these countries had no choice but to do that which had come to define them: “resist”.

In Iraq, those groups who had figured out that this was a military attack started to send rockets at US bases and the U.S.’s massive, militarized embassy so to warn the US.

In one of the attacks, a U.S. contractor (Iraqi Origin) was killed and the Deep State used this as an excuse to do what it had wanted to do which was attack the forces of Iraqi resistance and sovereignty. Without proof as to where the strike had come from or knowledge of who had actually undertaken the strike; they attacked Iraqi soldiers and members of the PMU miles and miles and miles away from the US base which had been hit.  The location of the strike… you guessed it… Iraqi/Syrian Border!

  • Murder of A Martyr

This attack was the starting of the unmasking of the Deep State and its use of the United States in Iraq.  Under its agreement with Iraq, the United States could not take any such strike without Iraqi approval.  Instead of asking for permission in a timely manner, the United States waited until thirty minutes before the strike to let the Iraqi government know that it was taking the strike.

Instead of giving an OK; the Iraqi Prime Minister asked the United States to call the strike off.  Yet, in violation of its agreement and in violation of Iraqi sovereignty, the United States took the strike.

The strike was not only disproportionate; but there was no proof that those attacked were actually involved in the attack on the US Base.  To make matters worse, those killed were Iraqis.

Iraqis, who were serving in a role officially related to the Iraqi government were killed by another country who is in their country as a guest in a strike against the wishes of the Iraqi government and in violation of the agreement between the two countries.  In every way, this strike was an affront, an insult and an act of war against Iraq.

As you would guess, the Iraqis were not happy.

This further brought the picture of what was going on and who the United States was becoming (under Deep State control) into focus.

Qassem Soleimani was a General and a leader of the Iranian military.  Qassem Soleimani had fought for Iran’s interests outside of the Country.

He had fought in the Iran-Iraq war.  When the Deep State’s “domino theory” plot became a reality against Iran, he fought to stop Iraq from becoming a springboard against Iran.  When the Shia in Iraq needed help against Saddam, he assisted. When they needed help against the Invading Deep State Coalition of the Willing, he assisted. As such, he created allies for Iran in Iraq.

When Iraqis and Iranians were threatened by the Saudi Proxy “ISIS”, he fought them back in Syria and Iraq.  He was a brilliant mastermind and even Israeli intelligence conceded as much.  When the Israelis started their air campaign of death and carnage in Syria, they claimed it was Operation Chess to beat Soleimani.  When it became clear that they couldn’t out-chess him, they could only ask for his death.

For these reasons, Soleimani was widely viewed as a National Hero and a treasure in his native Iran.

Trump, who is mentally ill equipped to play checkers with a five year old, wanted to foolishly engage in chess with Soleimani.

Its as if Soleimani was at the park playing chess with his friend, and Trump walked up insisting to play.  Soleimani nicely said that he was not interested.  Trump begged to play.  A few plays in, it became obvious that Trump was BADLY OUTCLASSED.  So Trump walked away and when Soleimani was distracted and engaged in playing others.  Trump cowardly walked up behind him and shot him in the head. Sat at the table and proclaimed himself the winner.

In dying, Soleimani became a Martyr and breathed new life and energy into the resistance; and in the ultimate chess play, he revealed to the Iraqis who the Deep State controlled US truly was.  Needless to say, they were not an ally to be trusted by Iraq.

In his speech to Parliament, the Iraqi Prime Minister detailed what had happened leading up to this fateful day.

  • Trump had personally threatened the Prime Minister against doing any business deals with China;
  • Trump had demanded 50% of Iraq’s Oil Revenue;
  • They had demanded that Iraq stop energy imports and cooperation with Iran;
  • Trump had threatened to create instability and protests should they not oblige (which they did);
  • They had also set snipers to kill protesters to stop them from getting to the Green Zone and to further enflame them against the Iraqi Government (Not to mention the use of media and assets on the ground to turn them against the Iraqi Shia’s only ally Iran)
  • The US had asked Iraq to act as a mediator and the Saudis had also gotten involved. Qassem Soleimani had been invited to Iraq to receive/respond to a Saudi initiative.

To understand the full depravity of what was done in the Formerly Good Name of the United States one needs to weigh the following factors:

  1. Qassem Soleimani was an invited guest of a sovereign country visiting that sovereign country
  2. Qassem Soleimani was meeting a leader of that country’s armed forces
  3. Qassem Soleimani was not hiding but was meeting these leaders in a Civilian Airport
  4. He was killed at a Civilian Airport
  5. There was no attempt to capture him or even fight him but drones were used

This was an outright act of cowardly murder which would have not been justified even in a hot war; but it is quite frankly despicable when it is done on a mutual ally’s turf without any declared war.  It would be hard to go lower.

Pompeo and his puppet Trump had thought this event could be used by their protestors as a tool to further the US’s power in those nations.  Pompeo seized on small protests and re-tweeted them to create a sense of popular movements against Soleimani.

Following the unfortunate firing down of the Ukranian Airline in Iran, the US really tried to engineer Anti-Government and Anti-Soleimani protests within Iran.

The firing down of the Ukranian Airline was a truly unfortunate event. The big mistake from the Iranian forces was not that they shot it down (which was either a bad mistake or due to American electronic warfare); but it was the fact that they had not created a no Fly Zone.  It was clear that they were trying to maintain a sense of surprise but there should have been much better control, coordination and communication between the Iranian armed forces.

The Iranian population was rightfully upset and sad over these events especially since so many bright minds were lost.  Ultimately, the US bore a great deal of responsibility since they had created the conditions for this tragedy.

Many people in Tehran created a vigil for the victims of the plane crash; but what happened next revealed to us a great deal of how the US generates these supposedly popular protests.

  • News of the Vigil gets out and others come to join
  • This presents an opportunity for pro US/anti Iranian forces
  • These forces can quickly swell the numbers at the Vigil (As an example if two hundred people are there; these forces can send another two hundred and now they have a pretty sizable group)
  • Once they have created a large group, then they can try to take control. In this situation, they started anti-government slogans (including very extreme ones like Death to the Leader)
  • Some people at the vigil given the constant bombardment of propaganda from Satellite TV, Social Media, and these agents insertion into everyday life may join in some of these chants especially given their emotions after this tragedy
  • Even if they do not, it does not matter; these anti-Iranian Agents are able to take videos showing hundreds in a small space chanting against the Government. The videos are also taken close to those who are chanting. (Creating the perception of massive anti-government protests)
  • This video is then uploaded to social media where the groups controlled by the Deep State are able to retweet, comment and create an impression of a mass movement.
  • In this situation, Pompous Pompeo himself then retweeted these videos and had the State Department accounts do the same (Of Course, Deep State Lemmings like Rubio, Cruz and Lady Lindsay are never far behind)

By using all of these resources and assets, Pompeo was trying to create the impression and fake news narrative that the Iranian people were happy that Qassem Soleimani was killed and that they were turning against their government.

Despite the Hundreds of mostly young, extremist student protestors that the Deep State was able to generate; the millions upon millions that came out to mourn Soleimani (which surpassed even the most optimistic estimates of the Iranian Governments) shattered the Deep State’s myth and confirmed that:

Sardar Hajji Qassem Soleimani had become a Martyr!

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