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January 12, 2021

Are whites being driven out of Los Angeles?

Are whites being driven out of Los Angeles? 1
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The “White Flight” of Los Angeles

by Peggy Sanders

So the other day I drove on Melrose Avenue to the world famous Pink Wall. A notorious sign in LA known for its random flocks of visiting Chinese Tourists who posed to Instagram Selfies.  One time even a white woman was there, and she smiled at me but was obviously uncomfortable.

This brought great sadness to my Republican Heart. What is the state of America these days!! First they told us being white is a crime. Then Nancy Pelosi and the demoRATS attacked our courage during the Harvey Weinstein trials of 2021. What does somebody need to do to get some DECENT prunes around here?

Luckily I found the source of courage. A strong willed man by the name of William Armstrong who was born in Glendale, but stationed on the Beverly Hills Strip. He made it a point to go to the Pink Wall and hand out Army leaflets to the Chinese Tourists.

Would they take the bait?

“The flyers came, and the asians left” He insisted was a way to stop the “Foreigners” from invading Los Angeles.

“It used to be cool to be white. But now in our Selfie Culture, I feel lost and not knowing where to go. If they can snap photos, they better be ready to pull a rifle the next time we invade Southern Asia.”

What a shocker. The horrors of our now time! I was so fascinated by the pink communist wall that I went undercover in US Army gear and was harassed by the Chinese Tourists at the wall. One called me a numskull. The other said I lacked proper nutrition. Well that was the final straw, and I grabbed her Hello Kitty bag, emptied its contents on the ground and filled with Army Leaflets. Looks like Connie Cheung will be now signing up for military duty after all the effort.
Gesssh…..Another day in LA!!!
– Peggy Sanders
Conservative Op-Ed Columnist

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