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From the very start of the Deep State/Globalist World Order; there was some pullback and rebellion from the American public.

Initially after the start of the New World Order as declared by George H.W. Bush, Americans chose a poor southerner, who seemed to be from outside the political class.

This man was Bill Clinton; but he turned out to be a Globalist.  While George H.W. Bush was a classy, highly intelligent leader of the establishment.  Bill Clinton turned out to be a follower of the system.  He was able to satisfy the American public with his Fast Food like speeches that tasted good (sounded good); but left you without much by way of nutrients (substance).  Meanwhile, he imposed the will of the Deep State/Establishment.

George W. Bush, while a member of the Bush clan, seemed like the rebellious son.  He ran as an outsider to the system and promised to end the era of “nation building”.  However, he allowed Neo-Cons to infest his administration thus leading to the worst decision in US history… the Iraq War.

The American public was so disgruntled and disappointed after W’s presidency that they decided to go as outsider as possible.  They decided to elect a young, half black candidate who ran on Change and Hope.

Barack Obama was limited on the change that he could effectuate due to the system and his status as a black outsider.  Moreover, his personality was one in which he sought slow change while working with the system as opposed to strong, fast change in a clear conflict against the system.

After his presidency, 1) America was in the mood for continuing the change against the system but more drastically; and 2) to go back to the default of a Straight, White Christian Male President.

The Democrats being obsessed with constantly pushing their agenda of identity politics and having different minorities put in power; decided that this was the time to put a woman into the White House.  In fact, they overlooked in the most dismissive way possible Obama’s White Vice President in an act of disrespect towards White American Males.

Moreover, they didn’t just try to push any woman on the country.  They went for the most Crooked, Deep State Friendly woman in Hillary Clinton.  A woman, who views herself as a feminist icon; but she is where she is simply because of whom she married.

When she isn’t busy tooting her own horn or engaging in corruption, she is really doing nothing of value.  The few times that she has really stepped up to take charge was her leadership role in the Health Care debate under Bill’s presidency and her direct, forceful advocacy for the Libyan war as Secretary of State.  Both ended in utter disaster.

Undeterred she believed she was a deserved, experienced, competent and popular politician.  Her delusional mind and the divorced from reality party which fixed the primaries to get her the candidacy couldn’t see the one fact that most of America knew:  Hillary was more than deeply unpopular. She was outright detested and hated. (Despite overwhelming evidence, she still refuses to accept this; and is off at this very moment blaming the Russians for “stealing the election from her” and spouting off about it somewhere)

Herein steps, Donald J. Trump.  A refreshing politician.  He fit the bill as a Straight White Christian Male.  He also made sure to play up this status.

Donald J. Trump NOT only continued with the candidacies of change; but he went further.  He called out the Deep State, The Fake News Main Stream Media, The Corrupt Politicians, The Failed Middle Eastern Wars.  He promised to clean out the swamp and end the Middle Eastern Wars.

In many ways, Donald J. Trump was a warning shot by the increasingly disillusioned and miserable White Community.  It was also a warning to the entire system that America was reaching its whit’s end with the system and was trying anything within the electoral system to effectuate real, true change.  However, the American people’s patience has limits.

  • Given this urgent presidency, did Donald J. Trump deliver?

Trump’s presidency started with a stupid, obvious lie about the size of his underwhelming inaugural.  The pathological lies did not stop whether on things big or small.  He lost all credibility domestically and abroad.

His policies would change from day to day; hour to hour.  The instability was a direct result of his limited ability to truly and deeply understand issues.  Also, he would forget what he had promised and would go with whatever made him feel good at that moment.  Given his inability to tell the truth, accept responsibility or ever apologize; he had no reason to actually pursue a coherent, productive policy.

Instead of cleaning out the Swamp, he surrounded himself with completely corrupt criminals. Eventually and deservedly so, he became one of three Presidents to be impeached, and the only one to have a member of his own party vote for his conviction.

Instead of taking on the Deep State, his administration became a breeding ground for Neo-Cons and other Deep Statists.   His clear weakness towards flattery made it obvious to Deep Statists that they could control him by kissing up to him.

No one understood this better than Pompeo, who through thorough brown nosing, eventually replaced his nose with his hand turning the President into Pompeo’s Puppet.

As a coward, who somehow through having bone spurs was able to run away from the Battlefield faster than Usain Bolt and who later would hunker down in a Bunker hiding from hippie protestors and their young tree hugging children who were outside the White House; he was deeply insecure about his cowardice.

As a shallow, self-interested narcissist; Trump is very aware and insecure about his clear, physical frailties. He has an orange hue, he is overweight, and has tiny hands.  He is very proud of his height, but his tallness only makes his hands look like a toddler in comparison.  Of course, for Trump, his true obsession is a part of his anatomy which is dwarfed even by his toddler hands.  Due to these shortcomings, he has been dependent on his money and status to get female attention (as he admitted in his grab their ****** comment).  His money can only hold them for so long as his physical attributes and personality make it ever more expensive for them to stay.  Eventually though, his relationships fail, and he has been forced to settle for basically a mail order bride.  What is left in the stead of these relationships is a series of NDA’s to keep these women’s mouths shut.

In short, he is an un-endowed, coward; and as a result, he is obsessed with promoting a fake tough guy image.  He will almost always take the extreme, supposedly tough guy option over the actual tough, strong, and/or smart decision.

One thing that cannot be doubted is that Obama came in with a poor economy; but left Trump with a very strong economy.

Trump couldn’t bear to give Obama any credit.  He desperately wanted credit for the economy, and he wanted to make it better.

Trump took the stabile, slowly growing economy and he injected it with tax cuts for the very rich and all sorts of other stimuli.  The economy wasn’t strengthened, but became more erratic and unstable.

Despite tons of warnings from everywhere including his own experts, Trump completely bumbled and fumbled his reaction to a flu-ish virus coming from China.

The greatest country the world had ever seen with the most brilliant minds ever gathered had to rely on a technique from the Middle Ages known as quarantine.

As a result of Impeached Trump’s botched response, Americans were locked in their homes, over 100,000 were killed (update: over 300K now), and Trump’s unstable economy crashed leading to Depression like unemployment.

Of the many off-the-charts awful qualities, his incompetence may be his most lethal to the Nation.

While it may be unfair to put all of the blame on him, this incompetence has led to him having an oversized role in the country’s failure.  Ultimately though, even though he’s unable take responsibility for anything, the buck stops with him.

He had promised America more Winning than it could handle, instead it got NOTHING BUT L’s

His demeanor, incompetence, and failures combined with his arrogant pompousness have made him a clown in the eyes of the world.

For the first time ever, an American president was literally laughed at by the world at the United Nations.



In Trump, the world doesn’t see a leader or even a president; they see a Laughing Stock with Nukes.

He had promised to end Middle Eastern Wars; but instead partook in the cold-blooded murder of a General at a civilian airport with a cowardly drone strike thus almost sparking another Middle Eastern war. (He begged that same Nation to negotiate with him before the election)

He promised to end the Afghan war; but the US is still there.

He promised to end the Iraqi war regardless of what Iraqis wanted; however now the Iraqis are asking the US to leave and it is Trump that is demanding to stay against their will. (thus elevating the conflict to where the US is an occupying country at war with the entire population)

He promised to not get involved in Syria; but the US is now there for the expressed immoral, illegal purpose of stealing their oil.

He failed to end the North Korean threat.

He has started a cold/economic war with China.

Putin has run roughshod over him.

He promised to bring America’s troops and resources home; but he has instead extended the waste of these resources abroad.

All the while; factories, farming, and jobs are constantly streaming out of the country.

The Result:

  • A president repeatedly trolled and a Navy laughed at to its face
  • Extensive Damage still remaining from Natural Disasters
  • American Drones Downed
  • An American Embassy Disfigured in Baghdad
  • American Base Directly Struck by missiles resulting in 100+ brain injuries (1st time since WWII)
  • The dicing of an American Journalist
  • Ice Cream/Freezer Trucks turned into Morgues
  • New York turned into a graveyard
  • Los Angeles turned into a refugee camp filled with homeless encampments
  • A volatile out of control Stock Market
  • Rampant Unemployment
  • Police becoming lynch mobs executing Black People
  • State Security Forces attacking unarmed protesters
  • A President Hiding in the Basement while Americans are threatened with their own military
  • A wall built not on the border but around the People’s White House; paid for by Americans
  • Riots, Looting and Burning in the Streets

Trump has Failed America.

While ultimately he may not have made the worst decision in US history which is a distinction that belongs to W (Trump has gotten close and may eventually get there); Trump has damaged America more than any other President.

His disastrous decisions and poor policies have led to death, destruction and despair.

Trump has been toxic.

The end result of his presidency thus far, in one word: CARNAGE




The Trump Dump brings an unceremonious end to a Presidency like none other in American history.  His presidency was an unstable and unsteady venture into contradictory extremes.  Trump did bring many positives out as he was able to expose much of the Deep State’s power structure. By saying out loud what a growing number of Awakening Americans had been murmuring; Trump was a watershed moment for those who wanted to shatter the Kayfabe Kabuki world that America had become entrapped in.

Trump rightfully and unwittingly identified and exposed much of what ails America today: Corrupt, Fraudulent Politicians; A Fake Main Stream Media; and A Deep State that engrosses and occupies the halls of power.

Trump’s politics was cynical to its core; but its effectiveness laid bare the bankrupt nature of the Republic for all to see.  Republicans, time and again, crossed every redline that they set out for themselves and like drunken, blind sheep followed off a cliff while their narcissistic shepherd looked down from above.  All the while, Democrats like salivating, rabid hyenas attacked Republicans over every utterance. Eventually, in their gleeful haste to attack Republicans the Democrats went jumping over the cliff in pursuit of their Republican co-horts.

Trump could have stayed on top of the cliff looking down on the carnage of the broken Deep State thus declaring himself King of the Hill. Yet, he tripped and fell to a flattening splatter.

At the end, the Republicans were able to use Trump for everything that he was worth.  They were able to muster the Supreme Court out of him, and they are now ready to discard with him.  The Democrats were able to get the White House back.

When its all said and done, Trump is the biggest loser of them all.

His failure is due to his lack of vision, intelligence, and humanity.

Trump instinctively could feel what was wrong with the Globalist, Deep State Occupied America; and he instinctively connected with the voiceless masses of America strewn across the plains and fields of the nation.  With the people behind him, and a political will to say and do anything without cowing to the Main Stream Media’s callous pressure to conform to the wants of the Deep State Agenda; Trump could have taken the battle to the Deep State and done serious damage.

Unfortunately, Trump had no vision to provide and rally people around.  He railed against foreign trade organizations; but he ended up re-entering the same agreements.  He claimed that he wanted to end Middle Eastern wars; but he has left troops everywhere in the Middle East and has created an escalating conflict with Iran.  He pulled out of portions of Obamacare, but had zero to offer in its stead.

The Trump administration was plagued by incompetence from the top down.  They struggled to fill up the government that they were entrusted to run leaving emptiness throughout; and Trump’s appointees were often not long lived.  In fact, even when they did succeed at something; they would have to sabotage themselves.  Getting the COVID Vaccine out in the time frame that they did was truly remarkable.  However, Trump ever the fake, empty snake oil salesman had to promise that they would deliver 20 Million Vaccines by the end of 2020.  The impressive three million now looked like utter failure.

Finally, to help people beat back the evil, heartless Deep State System; you need to be empathetic for people and truly care.  Trump’s callous self-interest made the cold Deep State agenda feel like a mother’s embrace.  Trump is incapable of caring for anyone, and he simply does not give a [Insert Your Own Word] about people.

These qualities made Trump easy to control for the Deep State.  Without a policy of his own, they could make him adopt their policies as his own.  A lack of competence made him an easy foe to vanquish; but his lack of intelligence made him a puppet.  Finally, his deep self-interest and maniacal thirst for flattery; made him exceedingly controllable.

  • The Danger of Purgatory

As Donald J. Trump desperately clutches onto the fraying threads of power, he becomes an extremely dangerous force.  Donald J. Trump is severely sick, and he has imprinted into his mind that he CANNOT lose.

When he loses, he does not accept defeat but will desperately frail away digging himself a deeper hole all the while creating narratives to excuse away his defeat as something else.

As his businesses lost money, there was nothing legal, illegal, or untoward that Trump would not do so  to avoid accepting his own failure.  Even when he had to accept bankruptcy, he would excuse it as just a step towards his ultimate success.

Trump sits here as an abject failure as a president. Despite his belligerence and clearly criminal conduct, his foreign policy has made America weaker abroad.  His domestic policy has left the country’s economy teetering on epic failure and a population that is divided like never before.

On both fronts, he is now untethered and possibly unhinged.  He will take any step to keep himself in power or to change the narrative from the clear and convincing defeat that he just suffered.  On the foreign front, he is desperate for one last move to show himself as the strong, successful leader of his delusion.

As a loose cannon, he becomes an ever more pliable puppet for the Deep State. As an example, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Deep State’s allies have gotten almost everything from him against Iran; but Iran has been able to withstand every unprovoked strike against it no matter how low and bellicose (Murder of a General, Acts of Terror, Assassinations of Scientists, Starvation of Population, Prompted Protests, Etc.).

While the Deep State and its Middle Eastern clients have taken great pleasure in these policies, their failure to produce results and a new, imminent president are making them ever skittish.  As such, a strike or war against Iran may be their last desire.  An unhinged Trump, who deep down knows that Iran has defeated his bullying tactics, may be tempted to take such an act.

And Domestically?

  • Attack On U.S. Congress:

Trump’s sickness has spread faster than the new, UK borne version of the Coronavirus.  It has infected vast portions of Americana to the point where his followers tried to bring down the US Flag over the Country’s very capital in order to replace it with a Trump flag.

This was an act only seen in Banana Republics; but this is the sad, sore present day of the greatest Republic which once stood proudly over the rest.

This event reminds one of 9/11, and it begs the question:  Will the U.S. learn the lessons of 9/11?

9/11 was perpetrated by a sick, murderous person in the form of OBL; and by a group of murderous thugs known as Al Qaeda.  However, it was incumbent upon America to go beyond that superficial fact and to avoid the urge for simple-minded vengeance.

America needed to recognize that the acts succeeded due to widespread anger and frustration throughout the Middle East, and this meant that America’s policy in the Middle East was a complete failure.  As such, it was time for America to take a serious look and re-examine its entire vision of the Middle East.

Instead the United States decided to double down on its same dual pillar policy of supporting Saudi Arabia and Israel.  Except now, it would do so more forcefully.  It attacked and started wars throughout the region; and it also sanctioned and destabilized anyone who disagreed with its Deep State driven policy.  The End Result was a failure that brought American power and prestige down faster and further than anyone could have ever imagined.

America must deal with the same issues now given this Domestic Driven incident.

While its easy to state that Trump is sick and criminal and its also unquestioned that those who attacked the nation’s capitol with violence committed an insurgency; this cannot be the lesson from this incident.

The United States must look at a truth that what drove much of the population to attack the capitol is the severe anger, frustration, and dissatisfaction that is strife throughout this nation.  Will the United States finally look in the mirror and admit that its policies and political system have washed ashore in failure.  Will it admit that its citizens are reaching their wit’s end?

After 9/11, Security was the excuse used to lessen our freedoms domestically and engage in wars abroad.  Will the capitol attack be the excuse used now to further diminish our freedoms of expression and lead to further control of who runs for office.

The purge of freedom of speech occurring on Twitter and other forums is a troubling sign.  Will anyone who dares to say anything outside of the Deep State’s mainstream be painted as the “Next Trump” thus censored and silenced?

This is a worrying development.  These strong-armed policies led to foreign failure for the US after 9/11, and will no doubt have even more negative repercussions domestically.   If the Deep State takes this track, our freedoms will be impinged upon like never before; and the battle becomes about saving our freedoms and our right to personal choice above everything else.

Think about these rights as the Deep State starts requesting that everyone BE FORCED to take a vaccine or when those, including world leaders, are censored due to speaking outside of what the Deep State accepts.

Remember Americans believed in a simple slogan “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”.  This slogan should not disappear into the background as we are repeatedly asked to sacrifice liberty for what they claim is our “Collective Security” or “Collective Health”.

Trump led an insurgency against American democracy, because ultimately their vandalism was based on the lie that the election was stolen.  However, it behests these politicians to remember that the Capitol does not belong to them.

It belongs to the People.

  • Trump’s Legacy

Trump’s legacy will read as the outsider who surfed the rising swall of anger from the masses to the White House; only to come crashing down.  He is a one-term, impeached, and likely criminal President.  He is the only U.S. President to be laughed at by the world at the U.N.  Some may call him a clown but considering the fact that he is broke; he is actually the joke.

Despite a strong late surge and massive anti-Democratic electorate; Trump lost to “Sleepy Joe Biden” (as Trump himself calls him).  What is ever more shocking than the loss itself, is the absolute thoroughness of Biden’s victory.  Joe Biden took 306 Electoral Votes from Trump, and Trump is a Republican who lost NOT ONLY Arizona BUT Georgia as well.  Biden was able to build the coasts out deep into the American Southwest and even the South.  To be honest, this is a humiliating loss for Trump.

While a “never say die” and “fight until the end” attitude is commendable; fighting after losing not only shows a lack of respect, civility, and honor; but it only makes you a bigger loser.  Trump lost. Its obvious for everyone to see; but he does not know how to accept it.  This is not about accepting that he lost; but it is simply accepting reality.  In Trump’s mind, he really had come to believe his own bluster; and he simply cannot accept his inadequate reality.

The Deep State is the quintessential threat against all of us; but we must be careful to not harm the precious American Republic in our necessary effort to smoke out and destroy the Deep Statists.  No American should ever root for damage against the system which the founders left for us.

As discussed above, Democrats and Republicans all gained something; but ultimately they showed their true colors to America and the world.  They lost.  Trump lost.  The world is now watching as America is becoming a joke and a travesty.  In fact, our very election process is now in question.

We are all losing now.

For these reasons, Trump had to go.  Biden can hopefully return at least some competent governance to the Country.

On the other hand, Trump was able to draw some blood from the Deep Statists.  Ultimately, will a leader come up who is able to continue exposing and fighting the Deep State; but a leader with a brain, heart and purpose.

The Deep State is injured; but its fate will determine the true legacy of the Donald J. Trump Presidency.

Given his actions/lies/criminal conduct; Trump himself can only recuperate so much and will never be a positive figure; but his Presidency may ultimately be a step towards a positive outcome.


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