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October 17, 2020



BATTLEGROUND: INTERNATIONAL IDEOLOGY GLOBALIZATION VS. CULTURE: The Deep State and the system that it provides does have benefits, and there are those who advocate for it.  Many of its benefits are the ideals that are often perpetuated on the mainstream media.  These arguments revolve around standard of living, economic opportunity, western style governance, and market […]

Hollywood Helps with the CCP Virus 1

Hollywood Helps with the CCP Virus

With many celebrities like Madonna, and the Imagine crew bored and seeking attention from their multi-million dollar properties. It’s good to see at least one celebrity actually making a difference… Who is Billy Wirth? Wirth, whose original name is Howard Chizkiyahu Goldstein was born in Buffalo NY and grew up in a bi-racial family. He […]

Assassination for Entertainment - JFK and Hollywood 6

Assassination for Entertainment – JFK and Hollywood

“Orthodoxy means not thinking- not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.” ― George Orwell, 1984 Read This First This book can be read as a spoof of JFK research or as non- fiction, your choice. Because none of the radical content of this book is provable beyond a reasonable doubt, there is no reason to […]