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Best Router Table – Comprehensive Buying Guide and Top Picks

1. Kreg PRS1045
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Router tables are the equipment that takes your router and make it more precise and useful for woodworking jobs. It adds stability, durability, and convenience to your works and enables you to make professional style cuts with ease. So, having the Best Router Table for your woodworking needs is necessary.

But, when you browse online for Best Router Table, you will find that it comes in a variety of styles, features, and prices, making it difficult for you to choose the Best Professional Router Table. If you have never owned one before, then it would become harder for you to find the good deals on Cheap Router Table for your specific needs. This is the reason why this list of reviews of Best Router Table along with the buyer’s guide is created which would help you to buy the best model.


Buyer’s Guide!


When looking for the Best Router Table it is necessary that you check its compatibility of the table with the router that you already have. You must always ensure to buy the router table that is made by the same brand as it is likely to be compatible with the router and they will list the selection of compatible products. But if you using a router of a brand which manufacturers no router table, then Simple Homemade Router Table would world, but you can’t achieve the professional touch like the Best Benchtop Router Table.

Table Quality

Many people think that every Best Router Table comes with a great table, but in reality, it is not the case. The material of the table varies and some manufacturer uses low-quality materials which wear out after a few years of usages. There are Cast Iron Router Table Top and also wooden tables which are widely used today. So, depending upon your budget and needs, you need to decide which material you want to choose. The quality varies depending upon the materials used for designing it. Ensure to buy the Best Router Table which comes with quality materials and designed to last longer.

Base Plate Quality

The base plate is a very essential part of a router table. This part sits in the table while holding the router intact. So, if there is any kind of flaws, then it can cause serious damages. If the base plate is warped or bent, then it won’t sit perfectly with the rest of the table, as a result, the wood cutting would get jostled. So, ensure to check the base plate quality before buying the Best Router Table. The Top-Rated Router Tables come with adjustable base plates which allow you to adjust the height and corners to level it with the router and to optimize the woodworking tasks. Moreover, it must be strong to support the router. 


Fence is the vital part included in all Best Router Table models. It is the part that you run the wood against to keep it straight when cutting. So, ensure to buy the table that comes with Best Router Fence.

These were some of the factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing the Best Router Table for your woodworking needs.

Reviews of Best Router Table!

1. Kreg PRS1045 (KRS1035, PRS1025, PRS1015) Router Table

1. Kreg PRS1045Kreg PRS1045 is the best router table in the list that is designed with a larger tabletop without adding any bulkiness to your space, making it the perfect choice for shops or garages with limited floor spaces. The router table is designed with a large 24”×32” tabletop and this makes it the perfect choice for any woodworking projects. The router table comes with the micro-adjust fence which gives the users the required confidence that every cut is precise and they get the exact cut they need. It is the multipurpose self-squaring router table that has the best fence system for your woodworking needs. 

The router table is designed with adjustable, heavy-duty steel stand and the height can be adjusted between 31” and 39”. So, you can adjust the height as per your comfort level to work efficiently. The unit is very easy to assemble and it comes with a manual guide that lets you assemble it easily. The package also includes a variety of inserts, but you can exchange these inserts for some good models as they are not up to the mark. 


  • Micro-adjustable fence
  • Sturdy and customizable stand
  • Large tabletop          


  • Issues with the inserts

2. Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

2. Kreg PRS2100This is the small, portable benchtop router table that provides the required precision of the full router table along with the flexibility to be mounted on a bench with ease. The router table comes with a full-size router insert plate with precision levelers and this ensures that you are no longer required to deal with inferior cuts. The router table is made out of MDF and has 16”×24” of work surface which can be slide easily to contribute towards quality of work. The fence included in the router table has the feature of customizable faces and this allows the users to have vertical jointing. The height of the router table is 16” and it is sufficient for handling all small projects with ease. It can be mounted on a table easily if adding height is necessary. 

The package also includes the cam clamps along with a dust collection system and this combination is effective for making your woodworking successful. The adjustable stand of the router table is designed for quality material which increases its durability and stability while working with it. 


  • Great router table for small spaces
  • Industrial grade portable model
  • Durable design with adjustable fence face 


  • Lacking in adjustable height feature 

3. Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

3. Bosch BenchtopPeople who are looking for a router table for their smaller garage or shop may settle with Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 which is a highly reliable, superior and compact size router table for limited workshops. The router table can be attached easily to any workbenches with ease and this makes it a great choice for full cabinet routers. The router table comes with the customizable feather-boards and this ensures that you have safe, reliable and precision cuts of several boards at the same time efficiently. This is the feature that makes it a great choice for projects like crafting customized floorboards where you need to make cuts repeatedly. 

The router table also comes with the 2½ inches of dust port which collects all the dust of wood while offering you a clean surface to work upon. This also makes cleaning faster and easier. The router table also comprises a pair of power outlets so that you can have a good place to plug in the shop vac and other tools that you need on your router table. 


  • Customizable feather-boards
  • Dust port included with convenient power outlet
  • Attaches most of the workbenches 


  • Fence face is likely to stick 

4. Skil RAS900 Router Table

4. Skil RAS900 Router TableIf you are just the beginner and looking for a reliable router table for your workshop, then Skil RAS900 Router Table would be the right choice for you to start with woodworking. This is the affordable router table that is easy to assemble and you will find no difficulty in assembling it. The router table comprises great feather-boards along with clamps which ensure to make most of the routing task easier and faster for you. The package also includes the starter pin and the guard and this enables the users to make high-quality circular cuts with the highest precision. This is the feature that you won’t find with router tables at this price range. 

It also comes with varied customizable options that allow you to switch between projects easily and faster. Most of the popular router models can be attached to this router table and it fits well and offer you an optimal workspace to work upon. It offers you complete value for money and if you are looking for a table with great ease of use and at a low price, then this is a router table you must opt for. 


  • Affordability
  • Easy bit changes
  • Starter pin and guard     


  • Not suitable for all the router models 

5. Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA1171

5. Bosch Cabinet StyleThis is another wonderful router table by Bosch which comes with an extra-tall fence which means that it enables you to work on larger projects with ease. It can also be used as a jointer for fall pieces and this is made possible because of the plastic shims integrated into the router table. It can also be used for general projects and also as a flat table for your specific woodworking projects. As the name goes, it comes in cabinet style and saves lots of space by offering the greater storage option for all tools and equipment required for routing. The unit also comprises two different dust collection areas which can be accommodated with vacuum and this provides ultimate tidiness on the work surface. 

The tabletop is made out of laminated MDF and this gives you the smooth surface to work upon. The table comes with ports that are pre-drilled so as to accommodate a variety of router models. However, you can even drill further holes to fit other models of routers on the table. Feather-boards are customizable too. 


  • Great for all larger projects
  • Customizable feather-boards and suitable for all models of routers
  • Comes with two dust collection areas 


  • Assembling seems to be challenging for some users 

6. Craftsman Router and Router Table Combo

6. Craftsman RouterIf you are not already having workbench or router, then this router and router table combo is the best deal for you. The router table offers you ample surface space to work on larger projects and it comes with a variety of additional accessories including dust guards, feather boards and router fences. It comes with an internal dust extraction port which keeps the workspace clean and projects your respiratory system well. The router table is portable and compact in size which only weighs 30lbs. The router included in the package is very powerful that runs at 27000 RPM and operates on 9.4 amps. The router table has a power strip so that you can keep the tools plugged into the workstation.

The dust extraction port is available at the back of the router and you can attach hoover to suck the excessive sawdust. The table comes with a larger workspace of 11” by 16 inches which is great for medium to small-sized projects. The work surface is designed with MDF material which is further laminated to give a smooth feel on your workspace. \


  • Larger tablespace
  • Dust extraction port 
  • Comes with router for those who don’t have one  


  • Stand integrated with the table is subpar 

7. JESSEM Mast-R-Lift II Included Router Table System with Phenolic Top

7. JESSEM Mast-R-LiftIf you are looking for a powerful router table to take your routing skills to the next level, then this is the model that you must settle with. This is the complete router table system that helps you with efficient routing work. The router table is designed to efficiently accommodate a variety of cylinder router motors and also supports the working piece with the phenolic table, aluminum extruded miter and T-Track. This is the ultimate router table that comes with all the features that you need for efficient routing. It comprises of fence which is made out of aluminum and it features a fully customizable fence faces. The router table is designed with a strong stand which is made out of steel and the lower and upper stretches are available that offer extra strength to the router table. 

The router table offers ultimate stability because of the steel stand which absorbs the pressure and creates the flat cutting surfaces. This is the model that comes with advanced features and once you start using it you will never go back to the entry-level models ever again.


  • Steel stand for stability
  • Supports all cylinder routers
  • Comes with adjustable fence faces 


  • The model is quite pricy 

8. JESSEM Mast-R-Lift Excel II Included Complete Router Table System

8. JESSEM Mast-R-LiftThis is another advanced level router table that comes with the same router lift and phenolic table to support multiple projects with ease. The router table includes the M-R-Lift Excel II which is suitable for most of the cylinder router motors and its 32”×24” phenolic table combined with aluminum extruded miter track and T-Track is good for handling the larger routing projects with ease. The router table is designed with industry grade extruded aluminum material that combines the router table fence with a fully customizable fence face that ensures to deliver you precision cuts without errors. It is the manually operated router table that lacks advanced features like its predecessors. However, it offers the functions which you will not find with other router table models. 

The router table comes with a robust, heavy-duty stand that is made out of high-grade steel and it comes with lower and upper stretchers which allow you to enjoy better and higher stability while working on it. The router table also features optional digital readout attachment and pow-r-tek remote power switch which you need to attach separately. 


  • Supports almost all the cylinder router motors 
  • Phenolic table with aluminum extruded miter track
  • Fully adjustable fence face      


  • Manual functions and now remote power switch available 

9. Rebel W2000 The Rebel Router Table

9. Rebel W2000Rebel W2000 is another great fully functional router table that is designed for professionals who don’t prefer compromising on anything. The router table is designed for higher stability and performance and it is aesthetically pleasing too. This precision-crafted router table is designed to deliver accuracy and ease of use and it is the ultimate choice for large production of woodworking projects. The router table includes the miter gauge which supports straight and predictable cuts. It also sports the 3 customizable built-in stops which can be engaged by pushing in the stop pin. The stops are included to make changes in the miter gauge angle easily. It also features the two-part split fence designed for offset shaping and straight-line shaping. 

The router table is designed to enable you to rabbet, joint, flute, slot, bead, cove, tenon, mold, miter and perform a variety of jobs required for quality woodworking. It also includes the safety guard system comprising the clear plastic guard and the arm and it also comprises of height adjustment bat with the mounting bracket and lock knob. The router table can be used by any professional with any level of woodworking skills. 


  • Comes with necessary features and items 
  • Extremely stable and durable
  • Includes the safety guard 


  • On/off safety switch not available with router table 

10. Goplus Electric Aluminium Router Table

10. Goplus ElectricThis is the affordable router table that is designed for woodworkers who are looking for affordable benchtop to work upon. This router table designed for greater versatility and it comes with some great options which allow you to fit it into your home garage or basement or at the workshop. So, it allows you to work everywhere with ease. Apart from the main table, it also features the extension table at both ends. Each of the extensions comes with an extra large size of 8” × 18” and easy to slide surface. The router table also features the transparent guard inserted into the fence and it has no binding to keep the wood ships from flying all around. 

The router table also features the multifunctional fence and exact miter gauge and it provides the workpiece support around the bit. With a combination of jointing fence to makes the table useful as the vertical jointer. The tabletop also includes the precise miter gauge that supports straight and predictable cuts. It helps in measuring angles. The main table is made out of aluminum alloy and the extension table is made out of steel and this makes the table rugged durable. 


  • Quick installation and easy cleaning 
  • Multifunctional fence and exact miter gauge 
  • Selected material and rugged durable frame  


Not a beginner level router table 

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