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DSOA Update: Biden’s Beginning With Iran

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This is an UPDATE on the main article as developments relate to what had been discussed earlier.


In Part 3 of the Deep State of Affair, the importance of the Iraqi/Syrian Border and its repeated bombing was discussed.


On February 26, 2021; barely one month after being in office; Biden ordered an airstrike on the very same area using the very same excuses that Trump had used (Retaliation for missile strikes against US occupation troops in Iraq).

Biden and Jen Psaki had previously tweeted against these actions.

In the previous article, the reasoning for these strikes was detailed so there is no reason to delve deep into it here.

These strikes do reveal two important facts:

  1. Given the deep state control of the United States, all Presidents on critical issues will be forced to act the same. In this case, same bombs were dropped but they came with more love and care.
  2. Biden’s Iran policy is to appear diplomatic but also to appease the Deep Statists.

In addition to all private pressures and deals that they have struck with Biden, the Deep State’s public narrative and pressure campaign has been revealed.

The narrative is as follows:

Despite actually being extremely stringent, the Iran Deal is to be described as weak and Iran friendly.

Despite Iran abiding by the deal according to all watchdogs, Iran is to be described as having cheated.

Despite the United States clearly and unquestionably breaking its word and violating the deal, Iran is described as an unreliable partner.

In fact, in a February 16, 2021 article, Ladane Nasseri lays out the Deep State approved guidelines on talking about Iran and becoming a  D.S. certified “Iran Expert”.


These guidelines are followed to a T by M.S.M. journalists and U.S. politicians.

Accordingly, when discussing the Iran Deal, the U.S. is described as having “left” the agreement while Iran is described as “breaching” the deal.

In fact, the truth, is the exact opposite.  As the Hill predicted in 2015, Paragraph 36 of the JCPOA (Iran Deal) may be used for some of the actions that we have seen.  The Hill predicted that Republicans may use any minor breach to ditch the deal.   They couldn’t find any, but ditched the deal anyway.  Consequently, the US unilaterally and without justification, breached the agreement.  As such, given the US breach, Iran is NOT in breach and is using Paragraph 36 properly:

Iran agreement: Why you should read Paragraph 36 | TheHill

The Deep State’s narrative goes further then simply stating that  the Iran Deal was a bad, weak deal that Iran breached.  The narrative states that there should be no new Iran Deal unless it is more stringent, punitive and goes beyond the nuclear program and controls Iran’s defense industry (missiles) and foreign policy (behavior).

Their narrative describes Iran as a bad child that is destabilizing the region and threatening the “good guys” Saudi Arabia and Israel with its evil missiles.   In this narrative, Iran’s population is dying to become besties with Israelis and Saudis whom they love but they are held captive by evil, foreign mullahs.

As such, Saudi Arabia and Israel need to be involved in any nuclear negotiation and approve any deal.  The narrative paints Biden as inherently weak and makes it obligatory for him to satisfy Saudi Arabia and Israel in order to prove that he is not weak.

Ironically, in the Deep State narrative, subjugating US interests to those of Saudi Arabia and Israel is described as “strong” and “AMERICA FIRST”.

This narrative is pushed by the usual politicians, think tanks, bots, etc.

Of course, the end goal of this narrative is Injustice towards Iran.

Iran’s Shia religion plays a vital role in its foreign policy, and at the core of  its religious identity is the struggle against injustice.

For Shiism, the struggle against the injustice committed against its adherents by the caliphate is at its core.  For Iran, this is combined by the injustice that was committed by the same caliphate in its Arab/Semitic invasion of Iran.

Two of the most important and revered Saints/Imams of Shiism paint examples of how to deal with Injustice.

One was able to strike a deal to protect the rights of the Shiah.

Another was left no choice but to stand up against all odds to the Caliphate which led to a bloody massacre of his family and companions in an ambush in Karbala, Iraq.

For Shiah, the second path has Karbala as its final destination.  Either through reaching their actual destination or goal; or by martyrdom as happened in Karbala.

When faced with Injustice, Iran will always look to these paths as examples.

By entering into the nuclear deal, Iran chose the first path by trying to seek an agreement to protect itself against Injustice.

The U.S.’s actions vis-à-vis Iran following the agreement have only furthered the Injustice against Iran.

Iran has struggled to keep the door to diplomacy open in the the hopes that there would be a new President in the United States.  When Biden became President, Iran had kept the door open just enough for him to walk through.

However, Biden has decided to follow a different path. While signaling that he knows the Iran deal was right; he is also seeking to satisfy the Deep State’s narrative at the expense of Iran.

Biden wants to look “tough” for the Deep State’s approval and still be “diplomatic”.

His plan is based on his calculation that Iran is desperate to re-enter the nuclear deal at all costs.

This begs the question:

Is this calculation accurate?

The Deep State’s narrative contradictorily claims that:

Breaching the Nuclear Deal was good for the region, but that the region has become more de-stabilized than ever

Sanctioning Iran, threatening Iran, and murdering Iran’s general and allies has deterred Iran; but Iran has now gone on a total war rampage


(Deep State will always use evidence of its failed policies as an excuse to intensify those same failed policies)

In this case, they want to claim both that Iran is a major evil threat and that it is weak and crumbling.

Another example, is the oil spill off the coast of Israel.  Israel wants to claim both that Iran cannot harm it even as Israel has murdered scientists and others; but it also wants to cry that Iran destroyed its coastline and wildlife.  They cannot prove it was Iran, and they seem confused whether to blame it on Iran or not.

Israel accuses Iran-linked tanker over oil spill (msn.com)

The Jerusalem Post on Twitter: “Both the Mossad and the @IDF were blindsided by Environmental Protection Minister @GilaGamliel’s accusation that #Iran was behind the recent environmental disaster and oil spill that has hit #Israel’s shores. #Environment | #Oil Report by @jeremybob1 https://t.co/kqxpIAuwEu” / Twitter

These same Deep State puppets lost their mind when Iraqi resistance groups were not identified as “Iran Backed” by the U.S. government.

CasualtiesOfTheDay on Twitter: “Mother of God! I thought it was just a slip of the tongue when Pentagon press secretary said “Shia-backed militias” instead of “#Iran-backed militias.” Nope: It is now US administration policy to no longer mention the word “Iran” in relation to IRGC Iraqi Shia militias. https://t.co/5t68Q585Sg” / Twitter

Again, the Deep State and its echo chamber only wants to push Biden into violence against Iran.

As such, they have collectively dismissed all moves by Iran as efforts to gain leverage in its desperation for the Nuclear Deal.

Jason Brodsky on Twitter: “U.S. may not want to escalate, but #Iran has a vote here, and does want to escalate in the region to build leverage to force the Biden Administration to make concessions.” / Twitter

It seems clear that the initial moves outside the framework of the Nuclear Deal by Iran were  in reaction to the U.S.’s breach and these moves were meant to bring the U.S. back into compliance.

Nevertheless, under Trump, things started to change in Iran’s calculus: 1) Murder of Martyr Soleimani; 2) Iran was allowed to move a great deal away from its obligations (20% enrichment, limiting inspections, re-installing centrifuges, etc.)

As Biden came into office, Iran found itself still standing after the inhumane and merciless assault by the Deep State.  It also found itself out of a large number of the restrictions to its nuclear program.

As a result, large portions of Iran’s populace and politicians had started to question re-entering the deal.

Biden’s response was to keep unjustified sanctions in place, talk tough to curry favor with Deep Statists, illogically request for Iran to come “out of breach”; and to bomb Syria and fly B-52 over the Persian Gulf.

If you are Iran do you keep the door open still?

Do you re-enter a deal which you have already been screwed on? Even prior to the U.S. Breach, Iran had not received much of the benefits it had been promised; do you believe that this time will be different? Do you once again reverse your hard fought gains on nuclear technology?  Do you trust that this deal is not an excuse to violate your defense industry and your foreign policy? Do you believe that the partners in the deal will actually abide by the agreement when your restrictions sunset? Do you believe that another President will not simply  re-impose inhumane sanctions again?

Iran’s calculus may be changing and its answers to those questions will determine whether it attempts to re-enter the Nuclear Deal…

Or  if it decides to get on the road to Karbala



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