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What Does Being an Influencer Mean?

People portrayed in the media are increasingly being portrayed as “influencers”.

This the concept isn’t new.

Influencers have existed throughout history.

Someone with social clout and attention.

Clearly they have some value as we would collectively ignore them, but we don’t and in the 2000’s we have seen their rise in the digital age.

An influencer commands an audience.

It’s not quite a friend but you feel like you know them. The “cool kid”. Someone everyone wants to know, but why?

What purpose do they serve? Well that depends on the influencer and the message they promote.

If you command an audience on social media, even a small one. Besides money, what is the purpose of having that audience if you don’t use that platform to make the world better?

What does better mean? It means whatever the influencer wants.

It doesn’t have to be an ideology.  It can just mean your vision of how you want to live your life, what you value and what you feel is worth talking about.

We ask a group of influencers what makes them popular and unique and what values they hold.

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