Bohemian Pump Tank

Bohemian Pump Tank

  Each episode is not scripted - it told as a stream of conscious by the story teller. Warning! You may be offended.

“Riding with Pip” – A Euro Truck Simulator 2 Show

Welcome to the exciting world of Euro Truck Simulator 2!
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Show
FIFA 20 Highlights

FIFA 20 Highlights

FIFA 20 Cover

What is the Best FIFA 20 Formation?

"In FIFA 20 there is one custom formation that stacks the odds in your favor every game and right now it's the best FIFA 20 formation we know of." By TheStrxngeR Published: September 2019 We all know that FIFA is based on algorithms and scripting. It’s a video game, it has to be. Every movement, button press, completed pass, shot on target, possession, etc all manipulate how the computer (both yours and the opponents) plays. Each year we publish the best FIFA formations that we gather by watching how the top players in the world play. After the initial release we see how the pros line

Why the Individual is the Ultimate Goal

individualism vs collectivism


Free Trade

Economic and Free-Trade Zones

The trend towards globalization has been ever increasing. Economic borders have been shrinking. This is primarily due to trade zones, i.e. NAFTA, Euro, Trans Pacific-Partnership and many regional ones. These type of trade agreements are often criticized. The criticism centers around the terms of the agreement. Countries feel like they are not getting a fair deal, citizens believe they will be harmed and private enterprise holding a vested interest. Many large scale trade agreements are often done in secret with little civilian oversight, transparency and heavily sculpted by private enterprise.

Luxury Bunkers

Luxury Bunker
Allan Ramsay - King George III in coronation robes

Why Luxury Has Lost All Meaning

What makes real estate luxury? "Luxury" is an over used word because it has lost all meaning. Everything is luxury. Or at least that's how things are marketed. So what is luxury? Getting what you want, when you want it, the best of whatever it is and if you can't think of anything then just the idea. Don't tell me something is luxury unless it is. Brands miss the mark big time. Luxury is an experience and a value orientation. It's about respect. Respecting that your customer DESERVES the best and giving it to them AT A PRICE. Good, fast & expensive. That's about as simple as luxury marketing gets.
Native Warrior

How do you organize your time?

Discipline and persistence with even the most basic of intelligence are required for success.

Day trading Crypto Currency

How do you become a crypto currency day trader? I don't know. do you?  
money equals wealth
Ethical Investing

What to invest in?

Solar, media, cryptocurrencies, medical marijuana, tech, real estate. Even the limited aforementioned list leaves out  so many choices and evaluating them can be overwhelming. Start here. A Global Market Place What is the global market place look like? How are the economies of different regions, countries and major industries doing? Marco. Global trends and forces. This will tell you about the marketplace you will be working in. The Global Corporation Think of it like a company with many divisions. Our planet is in essence a global company. Our board of directors include nature, governments, capital, values and people - or any global force. Goals Our goal is to move forward


Travel World

Iceland is HOT!

The small nation of Iceland has been


Hydrogen is the Future


What’s new in Government?

Trump with Cat
Politics World

Trump Might Make American OK Again

Let’s dispense with the nostalgia of America’s glory days when “we were great”. Great for whom? The farther back you go into US history, you can’t really find a specific example of a time that was great for all and even less so replicable in today’s day and age. During the founding and expansion of […]

A response to “White Privilege isn’t Real”