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Gasping for air, you look up to see the blue sky turning dark, and at angry, bulging eyes staring deep into your soul as the last reservoir of oxygen evaporates from your lungs.

Starving and scavenging for food, you try to leave the village of your ancestors; but cannot get passed the shredding barb wire since you are now considered a foreigner in your own land.

As the stark morning light pierces through your flickering eyelids, your slumber is terminated; your son runs into bed wearing a skirt and holding his Barbie crying that his sister hit him with a ball as she played football.

You want to complain, but the words of your wife as she abandoned you for someone “more diverse” rings through your head:

“You may be awake, but you are NOT woke”.

This sounds like a disastrous nightmare, but it is becoming reality.

How did we get here?

ENVIRONMENT: Modern State of Affairs:

To understand what is going on, one must first understand the environment in which the world currently exists.  This environment was created by those within the “Deep State”, and it is perpetuated by them as well.

Who is the Deep State, and what do they want?

Some people call the Deep State the Establishment and others just call it the System.  In essence, it is all of those.  It is political ideas that have been encoded and implanted deep within the U.S. government.  This Deep State is fueled by political orthodoxy.  It believes that there are a set of political beliefs that should not be questioned and that should always govern and dictate the path of the United States.

Deep Statists fill up the rank and file of the U.S. government, and they may be full on ideological Deep State believers like Pompeo and Bolton or they may be unwilling everyday workers, who simply do their jobs and accept things as the way it is.

The Deep State also exercises control over its propaganda tool which is the Main Stream Media.  The more you hear buzz words like “bipartisan” or “non-partisan”; the more likely that the Deep State is behind that belief.  Those that ran afoul of the Deep State are quickly labeled with buzzwords like “extremist”, “rogue”, etc.

Those deemed extremists or rogues are often ignored and/or marginalized; but if they somehow breakthrough and receive any attention then they face an avalanche of attacks seeking to completely destroy them.

For the Deep State, America exists to serve it (as do Americans); and in their core they believe that it is their sole responsibility to decide what is the interest of the country and the people.  By extension, the United States (as their vassal) decides what is the best for every other country.


EXAMPLE: LGBTQ (Domestic Policy):

Starting in the 90s, the Deep State decided that the LGBTQ movement should become a popular phenomenon in the United States.  Of course, most Americans were against this.  Suddenly, news articles started to pop up highlighting the victimhood and plight of the LGBTQ population.  Just as abruptly, TV shows had very cool and popular LGBTQ Protagonists.  It was a cultural onslaught.  Almost everyone on television had to talk highly of the LGBTQ population and any detractor had to be portrayed as a weird, religious extremist.

The Deep State led one of the largest cultural barrages in the history of the United States.  Despite this, and against all expectation, people in California (which has the LGBTQ bastion of SF), not once but twice, voted against Gay Marriage.  So, eventually, this was sent to the Courts where a Gay Judge decided that the will of the people did not matter.

This is the pattern of the Deep State:

a) play the democracy game, but make sure the game is heavily rigged through the media and its political appendages.

b)If it somehow still loses, then it will just push its policy through anyway against the will of the people.

EXAMPLE: Syria (Foreign Policy):

Following the Neo-Con (one of the most violent, extremist and loyal section of the Deep State) dominated George “W” Bush administration; the people of the United States have repeatedly voted for Presidential candidates, who have emphasized a pull out of the United States from wars and foreign entanglements.  Unfortunately, the Deep State disagrees.  The Deep State loves these wars.

Obama tried to work within the system and slowly stop these wars, but he underestimated the strength, tenacity and trickiness of the Deep State.  Trump was more forceful and clearer that he would face down the Deep State and clear the swamp.

In Syria, the Assad family had been in power for nearly forty years, and he was never a significant threat to the United States.  During this period, America had enjoyed some of its greatest years.  However, one day, the Deep State got up and decided that Assad had to go and that we could not even last another moment with him in power.  During Obama’s administration, they were able to get the United States entangled in Syria.

Syria was one of the places that Trump specifically promised to get out of.  He repeatedly reiterated that he wanted out.  The Deep State played the Democracy Game, and they mauled Trump through the MSM.  However, Trump was able to win.  Despite his claims to clear the swamp, Trump put Deep Statists (which is hard not to do given how pervasive they are) within his government, and they pressured him to get involved more in Syria or to at least not leave.

Every time, Trump tried to follow through on his promise to leave, the Deep State went bezerk.  The MSM went into overdrive attacking him, and some of the most loyal lemmings of the Deep State were dispatched.

Like clockwork, The Deep State’s Little Troll Rubio complained (even though Trump had walloped him, he somehow acted like he had a mandate over the President).  If that didn’t work, the Deep State’s Female Dog Lindsey was sent out.  Lindsey had found a way to ingratiate herself with Trump which had made her a valuable asset for the Deep State.

Publicly, the MSM and Deep State compliant Politicians threw everything that they could at the wall so to stop the pull out from Syria (i.e. Assad is a Monster, ISIS, Israel, Iran, Chemical Weapons, National Interest, etc.).

Privately, they put Trump under unyielding pressure through the MSM and through the deceitful tactics of Deep State Politicians.  Finally, they were able to bend Trump and turned his pullout into something else.  Ultimately, it didn’t matter what the people wanted.

There was no debate on staying in Syria or not.

Every single person, who was given a platform, talked about how we had to stay in Syria.

If you disagreed as in the case of Tulsi Gabbard, who was a woman of color that had served in the military after 9/11, then you were viciously disparaged.

In the end, the democracy game didn’t work for the Deep State; but it got its way anyway.  The United States did NOT leave Syria.

Background: How Did The Deep State Come To Dominate

The existence of an establishment within governments and countries is natural and is not a new development.

In fact, within the United States, there has always been an establishment and establishment figures.

In the 80s, there was general alignment between the political establishment and the population.  The media did, at least vaguely, represent the thoughts of the general population.  As an example, the debates heard privately were not that dissimilar from the debates on television.   If anything, the media portrayed a milder more polite version of those debates.

For those, who wanted a more robust and lively debate; there were talk shows like Morton, Jr. and Wally George.

At this time, the Establishment viewed the world through a U.S. vs. Russia lens.  This was the viewpoint with which most of the population and media also viewed most events especially when related to foreign policy. While there may not have been complete honesty; overall, the population/media/establishment were more or less transparent and on the same page.

With the fall of the Soviet Union, the US vs. them mentality did not change.  For the Establishment, the goal was to create a global empire as the unipolar superpower.  Anyone against this empire was the enemy.  This along with technological advancements and the natural progress of unbridled capitalism led to the rise of globalization.  Throughout the Nineties, the US prospered as its global order spread.

Initially, populations, who were tired of what they viewed as their gray, mundane, outdated societies; became enviously enamored with American goods and culture.  They clamored for entry into this new world order.  As they did, they found themselves eaten up by American companies and culture.

After an initial period of euphoria, which is the “first high” effect that hooks you into unbridled capitalism (“Globalization” in this situation); these nations would ultimately have to deal with coming down from the high.  Before they knew it, they were addicted and too weak to go through the withdrawal.  The Deep State could then deal with them the same way that society deals with junkies.

Unfortunately, for much of Europe, especially those who had left Russian influence; the globalist system hit them like the crack epidemic.

The United States (Deep Statists especially) had become Tony Montana in “Scarface”.  A drug dealing kingpin, who had become accustomed to living high on the hog.  America desperately needed this system to continue in order to sustain its lifestyle.  As such, it started increasingly taking further risks to maintain and/or increase profits.  All the while, America, itself, was becoming addicted to the drugs that it was dealing.

This recipe almost always ends in a disastrous and epic fall from grace.

As such, Globalization is a double-edged sword for the United States.  After the initial economic benefits, Globalization attacked traditional American culture and created an American economy dependent on the rest of the world.

Accordingly, Globalization brought with it massive flood immigration and the destruction of regular jobs like those in the industrial sectors.

Before long, Globalization had become orthodoxy and most of those in the establishment were loyal to this global system. These elites promoted this system for various reasons. Some had ideological fealty to the system. Some profited from the system.  Others simply came to view it as the status quo and were too lazy or disinterested to question it.

Together these elites created the Deep State.  As they took over, libertarians and traditional conservatives (known to them as “Paleos”) were pushed out of the Republican party.  In conjunction, Anti-War Liberals were pushed out of the Democratic Party.  The two parties mirrored each other on Globalization and on the issues which the Deep State cared about. (How the two parties became one Globalist party will be detailed later)

There were only minor differences, mostly on cultural and/or domestic issues, which were vociferously debated to maintain the façade of representation.  The issues that were allowed to be debated were not a threat to the global system nor did they challenge the Deep State’s hold on power.

Where you stood on these superficial issues did not matter for the Deep State.  The Deep State only cared whether you supported the Deep State’s globalization program or if you were an enemy.  The Deep State’s ideology was the redline and it could not be questioned nor challenged.


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