Using the Proper System for Woodworking dust collection

The dust that accumulates during the process of woodworking has been known to be a hazard and a health risk if not properly disposed of. This would be why a woodworking dust collection system to properly dispose of the wood chips, shavings, and dust.

When the proper protective equipment, such as face masks and Goggles aren’t worn there can be minor severe consequences. A severe consequence that could occur would lung cancer. This could happen because of the known carcinogens that are found in woodcutting debris that is able to get to the lungs through the nose and throat. This is one of the main reasons why it is important to have a Wood dust collector. 

A dust collection system has the ability to collect the exhaust and dust before it gets to you, and it’s a machine tool that is highly ideal to have, especially for those who perform regular woodwork. 

Filter Fabrics that Catch Very Fine Dust

The woodshop dust collection systems that were available about fifteen years ago utilized a 30-micron polyester bag to collect the dust. The bags then worked okay but not good enough because they were too porous and often there was the blast of very fine dust that would still make it into the air which was bad for the woodworkers’ health. 

Nowadays manufacturers that are responsible for making woodworking dust collection systems have invented a better form of filtration for the purpose of collecting the finer dust that makes it into the air. This would be known as the pleated filter, and it has the ability to capture hundreds of feet of the woodworking area with a small canister that sucks up the finest particles that are in the air. 

If you are a regular woodworker, it would be wise to invest in the pleated filters for your saw dust collector, to ensure your safety and well-being. 

The Two Main Types of Dust Collectors

The main two dust collectors that are available on the market are:

  • Single Stage
  • Two-Stage

The Two-stage collectors work by drawing air first into a separator that the chips and larger dust particles settle into a bag or drum before they reach the filter (which is stage two). This method is a good method that keeps the filer much cleaner and has a good consistent flow.

The single-stage dust collecting method is the older method that is used. The results of this method are not as accurate and clean as stage two methods. With stage one, coarse wood particles are collected and hits the blowing impeller. It can cause a bit of an imbalance, but if a filter is used it can reduce the dust that is in the air. 

With both methods, a mask should be used but you are more exposed to dust in the air while using a stage 1 system. 

Final Note:

A proper woodworking dust collection system needs to properly disposed of your wood shavings. You can choose from stage one systems and stage two (the newest) systems for your woodworking needs.

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