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January 11, 2021

Patriarchy in Academia perpetuated via degrees like M.B.A & B.A

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Those familiar with academia know how rife it is with misogyny, sexism and rape culture.


So it should be no surprise that the patriarchy is so engrained in these institutions that even the names of our “honored” degrees are entrenched in a male dominated lexicon.

How can a womyn feel safe or proud of her degree when it has words like “Master” – a racist and sexist term – and “Bachelor” in her title!?

In this age of brave and courageous womyn coming forward for sexual harassment and rape allegations with the most important hashtag of all time #metoo how can we tolerate the rape womyn must live with everyday in their lives every time they apply for a job or look at their degree on the wall?

We need gender neutral or pro-feminine pronouns to encourage more womyn to feel proud of their degrees.

Several young college age womyn I spoke to said they were afraid to attend universities or even apply to them because of the archaic and demeaning degree they would end up with.

This is a systematic segregation and discrimination against womyn to keep us down and out of the work force. Well, I for one am not going to take it any more!

Speak your concern with the hashtag #notmydegree


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