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EVENT: 9/11:

As the 21st Century commenced, the Middle East was boiling in reaction to Globalization and its catastrophic results for the region:

  • A Middle Eastern economy and culture that was being ravaged
  • A Middle Eastern people that felt stuck in a region where foreign powers were imposing a colony in their midst that protected the globalist system.
  • Middle Eastern governments that were against their own people.

Politicized religion was the only option offered to them against Globalization, and as a result the popularity of politicized religion soared.

Politicized religion was justified as a force to protect traditional values and as a force against the globalist system.  However, it was hijacked and controlled by those with their own agendas.

The World Trade Center Buildings, as their names suggest, were symbols of Globalization.  As such, it was no accident that it was targeted.  In fact, they had been targeted by Wahabbist/Salafist jihadists previously.  At first glance, one may think that Al Qaeda was seeking to stand up and fight against the global system.  However, Al Qaeda wasn’t fighting to end Globalization; but it wanted to impose its own rival Global System.

Bin Laden did not have any true, legitimate political cause.  Bin Laden did not choose a military target, but he chose a civilian target.  Bin Laden’s goal was not to truly push further any cause, but it was to kill as many as he could.  Bin Laden was a mass murderer.

However, the underlying anger towards the global system and towards forced modernity was what allowed Bin Laden and Al Qaeda to recruit and to ultimately pull this attack off.  The fact that this rage and anger exists should not be overlooked, and the legitimacy of their feelings should not be diminished or demeaned due to its exploitation by a mass murderer like OBL.

Al Qaeda wanted to create a East vs. West battle for control of the globalist system.  The United States knew that this was a trap; but it was a trap that many in the Deep State wanted to fall into.  In fact, they welcomed it.

In the minds of the most maniacal and radical elements of the Deep State known as the “NeoCons”; this was a godsend.  It was the perfect opportunity to implement what they had planned for years.  NeoCons had thoroughly infiltrated the George W. Bush administration, up to and including the Vice President, Dick Cheney.

Their vision was clear.  A new Middle East drawn up with new borders.  No More Dictatorships that while weak and utterly harmless were nominally against Western control.  The Deep State saw an opportunity to create puppets throughout the entire region which would be subordinate to its colony, Israel and its number one puppet, Saudi Arabia.

Bin Laden and most of the Hijackers were Saudi.  Their Ideology was Saudi Wahabbism.  In response to this Saudi Wahabbi attack, the Deep State laid out plans to attack multiple Middle Eastern countries EXCEPT for Saudi Arabia.  Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan were all targeted.  In fact, a new map of the Middle East as envisioned by the Deep State was created (i.e. Ralph Peters Map).

What started as an attack against Al Qaeda in Afghanistan quickly spread to attacking the Taliban.  This morphed into taking over and dictating how Afghanistan should be governed.  This was only the start.  The Deep State was on the war path, and the United States had been tricked into leading the way.


  • Operation Iraqi Liberation (err Operation Iraqi Freedom)

Saddam Hussein had ruled Iraq for decades.  In the 80s, he served American interests by attacking Iran.  In the early 90s, he had been given the OK to attack Kuwait. This turned out to be a trap.  After falling into the trap, he became used as the whipping boy to show the new global power of the Deep State through the United States.  Since then, Iraq was repeatedly bombed, placed under a No-Fly Zone, constantly inspected, sanctioned and starved.

Iraq was the furthest thing from a threat for the United States.  If Iraq would even come within the fifty-yard line of a nuclear weapon, the United States would know and would make quick work of it.  It was also abundantly clear that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11.

Nonetheless, Iraq was attacked.

In typical NeoCon/DeepState fashion, this act of aggression was coined as being “pre-emptive”.  Prior to the war, completely unsubstantiated accusations of Iraqi nuclear weapons and mushroom clouds were disseminated by the government and the increasingly obedient Main Stream Media (“MSM”).

Why was Iraq attacked?

As described by the policy papers of the NeoCons and their leading thinkers, it was part of a domino theory.  These papers were written a long time before 9/11, and the reasoning for the attack was independent of 9/11.  9/11 only provided the excuse.

The Domino Theory proposed that by creating “Pro-Western Democracies” in the region, the other countries in the region would soon want to follow and emulate these so called “Pro-Western Democracies”.   This would result in a resource rich and obedient paradise for the Deep State.

Given Saddam’s insanely brutal rule, given years of suffocating sanctions, and a fully weakened military; theoretically, the people would be happy for US intervention and the Iraqi military could not fight back.  As such, Iraq made sense as a springboard for all out war by the Deep State.

The United States had assisted Iraq in obtaining chemical weapons in the past; and it believed that Iraq would have at least a few old chemical weapons canisters somewhere.  If it had these old canisters, it would not have been earth shattering news and it was no real risk to the United States.

While the Deep State had implied Nuclear Weapons may be in Saddam’s possession, they had used the ambiguous term “Weapons of Mass Destruction”.  Clearly, they knew that there were no nuclear weapons in Iraq, but they could always point to some old chemical canisters to justify their clear act of aggression.

The Deep State theorized that the Iraqi population would:

  • Appreciate New Found “Freedom”
  • Be Starving for Western Goods after years of Sanctions
  • Appreciate whatever the US built for them after years of destruction and war

The U.S. balanced these carrots by having the world’s most powerful army on the ground in control of the state.  Iraqi people were given the choice of “Have A Big Mac or Die”

Logically, most people would take the Big Mac.  In fact, the only way the Deep State could lose would be if the Iraqis en masse chose to die.  To help Iraqis choose the Big Mac option, Saudis and their allies, who had years ago decided to take the Big Mac (well steaks in their case), were brought aboard to nudge the Iraqis to take the Big Mac.

Of course, the Deep State believed that after building McDonalds and shopping centers in Iraq and Afghanistan; other countries in the region would also want the same.  In order to succeed, the Deep State was ready to invest money (much of it from Iraq’s own oil reserves) to build these prototypical westernized nations.  The country that was most targeted by this was Iran.  Iran’s population was not as anti-Western as some Arab countries, and the Deep State thought the population would then come out into the streets in the hopes of becoming westernized like Iraq and Afghanistan.  In which case, the Deep State had positioned American troops all around Iran to pour in and take over (Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, etc.)

A funny thing happened along the way, the Iraqis en masse chose to die rather than enjoying the Big Mac; and Iran played a role.

  • Iran’s Role

Iran had always hoped other countries would join it in the struggle for sovereignty; but instead it got attacked by everyone in the region with the help of global powers.  In this struggle, it only had one semi-ally in Syria, and a quasi-state ally in Hezbollah.

The Iranian message had been one that most Middle Easterners shared even though they didn’t agree with everything Iran said or did.  However, Iran had never been able to get its message out.  During the course of the Iran-Iraq war, both sides had built up allegiances in the other’s countries.

Saddam had built up a relationship with the hated MEK, and Iran had built up relationships based on the ancient connections within Shia Islam.  Iran had also built up cultural links with neighboring countries especially in Afghanistan.

Iranians quickly saw the Domino Theory as a threat; but 9/11 also presented Iran with an opportunity.    Iranians had spent the decade after 9/11 rebuilding the country after a ruinous war.  Around the time of 9/11, much of the population was favoring better relations with the West.  Iran maintained a smart foreign policy where it kept decent relationships with its neighbors, and it helped those close to it (Hezbollah, Northern Alliance, etc.)

The President at the time was a reformist looking to change the system to better answer to the people and to build a better relationship with the West.  Seeing the threat posed by the ascendant Neo-Con Deep Statists and an opportunity, Iran made the biggest overture it had ever made to the United States.

  • It used its influence with the Northern Alliance to assist the Americans in Afghanistan
  • It offered to help the United States in Iraq
  • It offered to come to a resolution of all regional issues and to do so somewhat more on Western terms

This offer was almost everything the United States could want; but if you are Deep Statists looking for a global empire there is NO AMOUNT of Sovereignty which you are willing to cede.  This is especially true for a country that you view as a little Middle Eastern country that had the gall to kick you out.

The Deep Statists rejected this offer and one of their own, David Frum, wrote the President’s speech. Inexplicably, Iran was thrown into the Axis of Evil after helping the US in Afghanistan.  It was grouped together with far away North Korea and with Saddam’s Iraq, who it had just fought an eight-year war against.  This was not only a crazy grouping; but it was an outright declaration of war.

It still was unlikely that Iran could do much but it could try to make it difficult for the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq.  As the war dragged on, though, Iraqis did not accept what the Deep Statists had offered.   They didn’t want to become a Westernized country, and they saw through the US bribes since they knew that it was the US who had starved them in the first place.  Instead of creating a westernized Iraqi Paradise, Iraq fell into Chaos.  Instead of flooding to the U.S.’s made for tv statue destructions and instead of throwing parades for the supposed liberators; the Iraqis fought against the US.

This provided oxygen to the previously repressed Shia population.  With this oxygen, Iran’s allies rose up in Iraq.   To the Iraqi perspective, the US offered them an opportunity to be Israel’s friend; and accordingly, Iraqis wholeheartedly rejected this opportunity thus turning against the US.  In this struggle, the Iraqis needed an ally.  Iran was perfectly tailored for this.

Instead of the dominoes falling in favor of the Deep State, it boomeranged against them. Iran was now able to spread its message of resistance against America, Israel, and the global system from Afghanistan to Lebanon.

  • W’s Consequences for America

The Deep State’s policy had failed, and America and its people had paid a very heavy toll.

The US had lost blood, treasure, and prestige.

Prior to 9/11, the United States was:

1) Liked;

2) Respected;

3) Feared; and

4) Competent.

Following the Iraq War;

1)The US was no longer liked – given its unjustified attack and the large and bloody death toll.

2)It had lost its International Respect – By attacking such a weaker opponent.

3)It was less Feared – Due to its struggling against a smaller opponent and due to the fact that it was shown that the US could be fought against.

4) The US no longer seemed Competent nor reliable – Due to the self-inflicted loss that the world’s sole superpower imposed on itself; and the completely failed state that it created.

Suddenly, in the course of one presidency, the Deep State’s global empire looked to be in demise.

  • Change And Obama.

Barack Obama was the candidate of change. He was charged by the American public with changing these policies and bringing troops home.  The United States had to now accept that the Deep State had used it and abused it.   It was time to swallow the bitter pill that were the consequences of these actions.

Obama sought to work within the system and with the Deep State to slowly bring an end to these destructive wars and their underlying ruinous policies.

Moving out too fast would enable America’s enemies to rise.  Obama looked to take on a moderate approach to keep the Deep State content while ending and/or changing their policies.

In order to succeed, Obama would have to change America’s Middle Eastern policy.

America’s traditional Middle Eastern policy lay as a cornerstone of Deep State orthodoxy.  The Middle Eastern policy was built upon Dual Pillars.  These pillars are: Israel and Saudi Arabia.

To break out of these Dual Pillars, Obama would have to engage with Iran.

Obama did not want to end these traditional alliances, nor did he want to necessarily be friendly with Iran.  He simply sought to accept the realities on the ground.  Of course, the Deep State’s propaganda machine had spent years promoting a simplistic and extremist policy.

This policy preached:

  1. There was no amount of support for our Middle Eastern allies, Israel specifically, that would be too much; and
  2. There was no antagonism towards Iran that was enough. In fact, anything short of outright aggression was viewed as “weakness” towards Iran.

The Deep State had taken America to the cusp of utter disaster more quickly than anyone could have imagined.  Their fraudulent foreign policy had created not only unneeded animosity abroad but had led to rising gas prices and a financial crisis at home.

The Deep State had been discredited beyond all doubt, yet they still controlled think tanks, bureaucratic positions and the media.  Anything too far and Obama would be quickly crucified.  Obama had to look for his opportunity and he saw it in Iran’s Nuclear Program.

EVENT: Nuclear Negotiations And HOPE:

Iran’s nuclear program was one of the Deep State’s favorite excuses to vilify Iran.  As with much of the complaints against Iran, the arguments were circular in nature and built on unproven inferences that the Deep State sold as facts.

The Middle East is not a particularly “sanitary” region, and none of the actors have particularly clean hands.  Years of wars and interference have wreaked havoc on the region.  There are conflicts all over.  Regional countries support different sides in the conflict as does the West.

In these conflicts, the sides act with ruthless similarity.  However, the Deep State seeks to create distinctions between these sides when they don’t exist.  Given their comic book mentality, they try to always portray a Face (Good Guy) and a Heel (Bad Guy).

Iran is always a factor in determining who is a Face and who is a Heel.

If Iran supports a non-state actor, then that non-State actor is a terrorist organization.

If Iran supports a state actor, then that State becomes a rogue dictatorship.

  • However the “Faces” supported by the United States do not espouse beliefs nor conduct themselves in a way that is significantly different than the supposed “Heels”.

As an example, Hezbollah does have a sordid past, but over the years it has become more of a conventional actor.  It has now won elections, yet it is considered a leading terrorist organization.

On the other hand, groups supported in Syria by the Deep State committed acts far worse than anything Hezbollah ever did; yet they are considered rebel groups/freedom fighters.

Hamas and Hezbollah have often been offered opportunities to cut deals with the West and “cut ties with terroristic Iran”.  If they cut these deals, then they would not be considered terrorist organizations anymore.

In other words, it’s not their actions that make them a terrorist organization but it’s their ties with Iran.

This begs the question:  What makes Iran such a terroristic nation?  If you were to ask the Deep State, it’s their support for groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.

So, in short, Hezbollah and Hamas are terrorist organization because they are supported by terroristic Iran, and Iran is a terroristic nation because it supports Hezbollah and Hamas. This is a circular argument.

Given the situation in the region, it is impossible for any side to not get its hand dirty.  As such, Iran and its allies in the region have not acted any worse than the Saudis or Turkey and their allies.  Ironically, they have probably acted better.

  • Nuclear Weapons as an Excuse

The Deep State started to zero in on Iran’s supposed ambition to build nuclear weapons as it did with Iraq in the runup to the Persian Gulf War II.  All indications, including by US defense and intelligence sources, is that Iran’s military policy is entirely defensive.  This is further cemented by Iran’s own proclamations.

Even if Iran got nuclear weapons it would use them only as a deterrent, and if it tried to use them to attack anyone; then Iran would be obliterated before even getting the missiles off the ground.  Again, Iran would still not be a legitimate threat to the United States even in the absolute worst-case scenario.

However, by all accounts, Iran was not trying to get a nuclear weapon, and Iran was a signatory of the NPT.  According to the NPT, Iran was promised Western assistance in nuclear energy in exchange for giving up the ability to build a nuclear weapon.

The West, under the pressure of the Deep State, provided Iran zero assistance, however the Deep State controlled West still demanded that Iran keep its end of the bargain.

Iran sought assistance where it could get it, and against all odds, Iran embarked on developing its nuclear energy program. As the program progressed, the Deep State started to hem and haw. For Iran, the nuclear program became a matter of scientific advancement, national pride and prestige.  More than anything else, it became about asserting its rights.

The Deep State could not bear the fact that a country outside its control was able to progress.  For them, this became the rallying cry against Iran.

Phrases like “Extremist, Terrorist Iran is seeking Nuclear Weapons” had to be repeated by the Deep State’s mindless lemmings as much as humanly possible.

Their argument was “Why would a country with oil and gas resources need Nuclear Energy?”.  Clearly, this implied that Iran was seeking Nuclear Weapons.  However, this argument revealed the ultra-controlling nature of the Deep State.  It is not their prerogative to decide how a country wants to invest or use its resources.  However, the Deep State does not believe that a country should make decisions for itself nor truly have sovereignty.

Moreover, there are clear benefits for Iran to have nuclear energy.  After making their propaganda pitch to scare the public, their argument could not survive the fact that Iran could have nuclear energy due to the principles of sovereignty, international law, and treaties.

Their secondary argument?

“Iran should have the right to nuclear energy, but NOT under this terrorist regime”.  The division of Iran magically from its decades old government would soon become a favorite new hit for the Deep State.  Of course, this argument also revealed that they had no real legal or justified argument except IRAN JUST CANT HAVE IT.

On top of that, this argument was built upon the previously detailed circular government of Iran being a terror state.

Despite the wrong and unjustified campaign to limit Iran’s advancement and access to nuclear energy, this was a much more legitimate argument for the Deep State as compared to their other arguments against Iran such as:

  1. Iran’s right to have an independent foreign policy (Regional Behavior);
  2. Iran’s right to have a defense (Missile Program).

The nuclear argument was the only argument that had some remote justification.  After all, Iran had agreed to not have nuclear weapons, and nuclear weapons would theoretically affect the US’s national security.

Flawed and all, this was the Deep State’s best argument to continue its decades old attacks on Iran’s desire for sovereignty.  Obama wanted to move away from the Deep State’s insane, self-destructive Dual Pillar Policy.  In order to do so and in order to bring the troops home, Obama knew that he had to change the dynamics with Iran.  Obama would have to take on the Nuclear Issue head on.

Obama was not trying to be radical but only seeking to deal with the reality on the ground.  Of course, Deep State ideologues have a deep, almost religious devotion to their fantastical dreams for the region.  As such, any movement, no matter how subtle, smart or necessary was an anathema to a disaster for the Deep Statists.

Obama was given a mandate to end the Deep State’s ruinous fantasies, but Obama did not want a direct showdown with the Deep State.  He sought to slowly work with them to change policy.  This was partially due to a lack of desire for conflict and partially due to his own desire to avoid an unforeseen disaster.

He decided to ratchet up sanctions against Iran with a global coalition to a far greater degree than the Deep State’s own W.  This was meant to build his credibility with the Deep State while building pressure on Iran.  All the while, Obama sought to create a real-world solution.

Iran had a right to nuclear energy, but nuclear energy could quickly become a nuclear weapon.  Iran had stated that it only wanted nuclear energy, and the West was sanctioning Iran on the possibility that it could develop nuclear weapons.  For Obama to succeed, he would need to find a compromise between the Iran’s right to Nuclear Energy and the threat of Nuclear Weapons.

The formula was simple.  There would need to be safeguards to guarantee Iran was only obtaining nuclear energy in exchange for sanctions relief.

After meticulous bargaining, Obama and his team got Iran to give up a lot more than Iran probably should have especially given the fact that the NPT had already guaranteed Iran’s right to nuclear energy and western assistance.  However, in the end, the deal got what Obama what he wanted, and it would work for Iran.

Was the Deep State happy?

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