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What is masculinity and the masculine ideal?

A search for the definition of masculinity in a global, historical, contemporary and personal context. While looking for an appropriate image for this article I searched for “pioneer”. The free spirit and yearning for more from life, more opportunity, more understanding, more for their life. The spirit of the pioneer.  Instead I was met with […]

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Culture in the 2000s

Watch anything you want, learn anything you want, eat anything you want, read anything you want, consume all you want. Life. Instantly. This is how contemporary society defines itself. This is who we are right now as upper middle class peoples. Get what you want when you want. Aren’t you a middle class millennial? Were […]

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The Underlying Drivers for Sexual Economics

Looking at the history of social exchanges, sexual economics and mate selection criteria can help give context for current insights into human mating behavior and the rise of the incel. Men and women are different and the biggest gender difference between men and women goes back to how we reproduce. Female humans are required to […]

Transgender Rights
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What everyone forgets about the transgender movement

The increasing visibility of the transgender movement over the past few years has been a much needed step towards acceptance for some and yet some important questions have been brushed aside. Let’s start by making clear that everyone deserves to receive the same rights and protections under the law in however they chose to express […]