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In early February of 2021, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene had her committee assignments revoked because she engaged in speech which was not appreciated by the MSM.

Marjorie Taylor Greene: House votes to remove Greene from committee assignments – CNNPolitics

Some Congressman tried to even have her thrown out of Congress for expressing her “unpopular” opinions.

Portman: GOP needs ‘strong response’ to Marjorie Taylor Greene – Bing video

Senator Portman was one of the people who had come out in order to send a message to Representative Greene for speaking her mind.

Another Republican came onto CNN and advocated that the Republican Party needs to get rid of these extremists and go back to being a party concentrating on Pro-Business and Robust Military Foreign Policy.

On FoxNews and elsewhere, they started to claim that Ilhan Omar needs to be stripped of committee assignments in exchange for Marjorie Taylor Greene.

GOP targets Ilhan Omar after Dems try to oust Marjorie Taylor Greene (usatoday.com)

The game set up by the Deep State makes it appear that its Left versus Right.  Ilhan Omar versus Marjorie Taylor Greene.

However, as one of the Republican guests on CNN let slip with his comments about the Republican Party only being about big business and war; the true game is to be against those that fall outside the lines of the Deep State.

By getting rid of Ilhan Omar and Marjorie Taylor Greene, it doesnt even out; but it simply gets rid of those who arent favored by the Deep State.

Whether you oppose one or the other, it is important to let them both speak their mind.

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