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10 gay secrets they don’t want you to know about

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  1. “Want a bigger dick or balls? Inject a saline solution into it. Sounds unhealthy but its actually a safe practice. After a couple days the saline solution is absorbed into your body, so you need to repeat to keep it going”
  2. “Are you a twink who hates shaving your body? Have a shaving party! Invite older bears to come over and shave you. They enjoy touching your young body and you get a free shave”
  3. “Need to lose weight before pride week? Inject meth. It will suppress your appetite, increase your metabolism and help you shred really quick. Bonus, it also acts as an analgesic, helping to numb your asshole”
  4. “Trick straight guys by opening your own glory hole”
  5. “Have a small dick but want to show off your package better? Buy women’s jeans, the crotch is higher up and tighter, it will make your junk look bigger and also help firm your ass”
  6. “Need protein? A half cup of semen contains the protein of one egg white. Your excuse to be a ‘cum queen’ for a day”
  7. Have a hot girl as a friend, this way when you go out together straight men will hit on her, she can suggest you all go back together for a three way. Once back at home, the girl says she wont participate unless the guys do something first. You have your fun and as you do she sneaks away, then once he realizes she left act all disappointed but who cares, you’ve got yours”
  8. Have a bottomless costume party. Everyone wears a full face mask and distribute numbered t-shirts upon arrive. Bottoms off! Match the guest list  names with the number, most correct penis to name matches gets a prize. Bonus: the prize is the booty hole of whoever they want at the party”
  9. Can’t get the smell of cum and man ass out from your sofa? Sell the cushion online! Older gay men love to smell soiled sex objects”
  10. Use a turkey baster and coconut oil to prelube your ass before a night out. The random man you pick up will appreciate how spontaneous sex happens and enjoy the natural lubrication of the coconut oil”

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