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DSOA: Battleground – Caucusus

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The people in the Caucusus are the ancestoral homeland of the Aryan peoples. The best comparison to this region would be “The North” in Game of Thrones. The icy, tough, cold region serves as the ancestoral homeland for the Aryans.

Through various migrations, the Aryans created cultures and civilizations ranging from the Indian sub-continent up throughout Europe.

In Europe, these civilizations evolved into various nations. For the most part in Europe, the Aryans did not encounter non-Aryan civilizations.

In the Indian sub-continent, the Aryans came into contact with various south asian groups.

In the plateau closest to the Caucus mountains, the Aryans came into minimal contact with semitic groups like the Elamites.  On the western borders, semitic civilizations like the babylonians, assyrians, and chaldeans were powerful.

These semitic groups influenced certain Aryan civilizations differently, and the Aryan civilizations also developed certain differences from each other via separation from each other.

However, more or less these cultures were similar, and they had similar Aryan religions such as Mithraism and Zoroastrianism.

These Aryan groups would often have quarrels and conflicts with each other which would always allow the semitic kingdoms of the West to stay ahead.

Two of the largest Aryan Civilizations on the Aryan Plateau were the Medes and Persians.  Cyrus the great of Persia was able to defeat the Medes, but he decided to unite the two civilizations along with the other Aryan civilizations on the plateau.  This created the first Aryan homeland and one of the first Nation-States in the world.

Cyrus created a throne seeking to unite all the various kings and civilizations under one rule, and in the Game of Thrones example, this could be viewed as King’s Landing.  The ancient Aryan homelands in the Caucusus were incorporated but they were also allowed to have more sovereignty.

Two of the oldest civilizations that emerged in the Caucusus are the Armenians and Georgians.  In different forms, they have maintained this relationship with their kin in the larger Aryan plateau.  At times, they have been sub-kingdoms under the larger Aryan kingdom, they have been states, and they have also had their own kings that came from the plateau to rule.

As an example, one of the largest influences on Armenian culture are the Parthians who came from the Plateau. This includes both the family of the King who made Armenia Christian and Gregory the Illuminator.

Parthian language – Wikipedia

Seven Great Houses of Iran – Wikipedia

Throughout history, the rich classes from the Caucusus and the Plateau would travel to and fro and would intermarry, and they both maintained almost indistinguishable Aryan religions.

Zoroastrianism in Armenia – Wikipedia

Atashgah of Tbilisi – Wikipedia

(PDF) Armenian and Georgian Zoroastrianism | Albert de Jong – Academia.edu

Trndez – Wikipedia

After Armenia/Georgia became Christian, this created a division with the Plateau Aryans that remained Zoroastrian.  The forces of the plateau and of Rome fought battles for control of the Caucusus and the highlands.  Ultimately, the lands would be divided with the Western Regions falling under Roman/Byzantine rule and the East remaining.

After the Arab invasions, the plateau also became Muslim, and this only further divided the Plateau from the Caucusus.

The people of the Caucusus always were looked upon fondly by those in the Plateau, and they were always admired for their toughness as fighters.  The people in the Caucusus always been very proud, but this extreme pride has at times left them unable to coalesce with others.

As we discussed with the later established Kurds, this sense of separating themselves even from those who are similar to them has left the groups in the Caucusus often weak and isolated.

With the East Asian Turkic invasion, another group was created “The Azeris”.  The Azeris were Aryans from the Caucusus who also practiced Aryan religions like Zoroastrianism.  In fact, the name Azerbaijan reflects the importance of fire.  Fire is a critical part of the Aryan Zoroastrian beliefs, but it is inconsequential in true Turkic culture.

Zoroastrianism in Azerbaijan – Wikipedia

The Azeris through dominant theory picked up the Turkish language, but mostly remained Aryan Caucus peoples in terms of their genes and culture.

Azeri Genetics – DNA of Azerbaijan’s Turkic people (khazaria.com)

Kurdish Genetics – DNA of the Kurds of Kurdistan (Iraq-Iran-Turkey) (khazaria.com)

The Aryan Plateau is today mostly represented by the nation of Iran.

To Iranians, Azerbaijanis are Originally Iranian, and Armenians have also always been a part of Greater Iran.  Similarly for Russians, both Azeris and Armenians have become intertwined with Russia.

Both Russia and Iran are torn in the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia as both want and need stability and peace. However, the country of Azerbaijan has taken on the Turkic identity of the invaders who gave them their language thus making them close with Turkey.

Turkey, especially under Erdogan, has no qualms about who it supports as it is fully pushing Azerbaijan to create chaos. As opposed to Russian and Iran, Turkey wants their to be strife and it ultimately wants to connect Turkey with Azerbaijan.

This is a desire which is supported by the Deep State.  With the NATO treaty this will allow the Deep State to come and put pressure on Russia from the South.

It will also allow the Deep State to make a brutal attack on Iran if necessary.  In order to accomplish this goal, Israel has become one of the prime backers of the Azeris.

Armenia had a large protest movement which brought Pashinyan to power.  Pashinyan sought to put some distance between himself and Russia.  Pashinyan sought to move towards the West.  This led to disastrous results for Armenia in a recent conflict with Azerbaijan.

Sensing his weakness, as predicted, Azerbaijan is now seeking to take further Armenian territory, and Pashinyan seems feckless.

Armenians, including those outside the countries, seem to have missed an opportunity with the recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

On one hand, you had Israel who supports Azerbaijan.  On the other hand, you had Syria/Iran/Lebanon which are three countries that have historically helped Armenians when they needed it.

Armenians had an opportunity to close ranks with other Middle Eastern groups in the region, but instead they seemed to play it neutral.  In fact, it seems like they sought out help from Israelis and Jewish organizations as well.

Just as Pashinyan did not get the Western support that he desired, the Israelis and allied groups did not support Armenia in the way that Armenians had hoped.

Armenian Priest Hospitalized After Being Attacked By 3 Jewish Youth In Jerusalem. – ZARTONK MEDIA

Armenian clergy subjected to Haredi spitting attacks – Haaretz Com – Haaretz.com

Despite all of this evidence, Armenian activists reached out to Jewish Groups in Los Angeles, and unsurprisingly they got very little support.

Pro-Holocaust Movement Tried to Lure Los Angeles Jews To Side With Armenia – NewsBlaze News

On the other hand, Russia has been trying to mediate the situation and does not want a major incident. Yet, the Armenian PM cannot help but to take pot shots at Russian leadership and weapons.  This only weakens Armenia.

Iran has also been trying to help Armenia:

Price of Not Supporting Palestinians:

  1. Armenians by not supporting Palestinians have turned off many other Middle Easterners who supported or donated to them during Armenia’s recent conflict.
  2. Armenians seem both in their interest groups in the West and in their PM to want to obtain Western and/or Isreali assistance which is simply not coming.  It is evident that the West supports Nato, Turkey and Israeli ally Azerbaijan.
  3. If Armenians try to play the Islamic Terrorist card, this will only play into Turkey’s hand of making this an Islamic conflict vs. Non-Muslims. This will also cut Iran’s ability to assist Armenia. It is tantamount to suicide.

Turkey is trying to make this into a Muslim vs. Non-Muslim conflict, but the truth is that Arabs (Syria/Lebanon especially) and Iran which are two largest Muslim groups in the Middle East have no issues and actually enjoy very close relationships with Armenians whom they have large populations that they consider as their own.  It is only the Turks that have a deep problem with Armenians.

Armenia’s politics seems intent on isolating itself; but clear and widespread support for the Palestinian cause would have resounded with all Middle Easterners and would have isolated Turkey.

Finally, Armenians need to learn one of the main lessons from the recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  The West Bank which was governed by the PA played by the West’s rules and sought Western assistance.  In its stead it got more settlements and an assault against its holiest site with only rocks to fight against the most lethal modern weapons known to man.

On the other hand, against all odds, outgunned Gaza was able to fight.

If Armenians choose to play for by Western rules, they will end up signing away most of what they have remaining. It is hard and painful, but they must resist.

Recently the IRGC went to speak with the Armenian PM, but the IRGC is not the best source for regular army assistance. The IRGC specializes in asymmetric warfare.

It may benefit Armenians to start thinking of resistance. It is tough and painful, but the time to fight is quickly coming upon them.  If the PM is not pleased with guerrilla warfare, groups can be started outside the country in Syria and Lebanon which may be necessary given those countries political situations.  These groups can get assistance from the IRGC and other allied groups.

These groups can also go to Armenia and resist Azerbaijan as well.  Unfortunately, Armenians may not have much time and they cannot miss too many more opportunities.

This disagreement between Armenia’s PM and Iran seems to already be breaking out as Iran believes Armenia needs to resist and fight while the PM seems to want to sign away his own land.


In the long run, Armenia needs to strengthen ties both with Aryan lands on the Plateau (Iran) and Caucusus (Georgia, Kurds, and even Azeris).   Azerbaijan must also come to the reality that despite its language its people are actually Aryans from the Caucusus.

These conflicts only allow foreign powers like Turkey and Israel to interfere and create chaos and carnage.

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