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War Against Traditional America:

If one imagines the traditional America, it was predominantly white, clean cut, Christian, family oriented and gender roles were traditionally defined.

Ever since the sixties, every part of this culture has been under heavy attack:

  • While other people are encouraged to celebrate their heritage, white people are encouraged to not do so and to be apologetic.
  • Christianity is under heavy attack. Any overt and/or doctrinal Christian value is not allowed to be promoted especially not on the MSM. Even references to Christmas are changed to Happy Holidays. Only the most abstract and generic references to Christianity are allowed.
  • The Family is breaking down in heavy numbers and divorce rates are skyrocketing as are pregnancies outside of wedlock.
  • Gender Roles have been completely changed into a strange, unrecognizable and somewhat undefined anomaly. Homosexuality is rampantly promoted.  Laws, Societal Norms and Cultural values have changed from Male Based to Female Based.


Those hit hardest by this change are males especially young males.  Young males naturally want to be who they are meant to be and act according to their rush of testosterone.  In today’s society, they exist under heavy stress and oppression.

They are told:

You cannot fight, cannot make any comments that could be construed in anyway to be racist or homophobic.

If you fall afoul, the punishment can be extreme:

  • Kobe Bryant let a typical homophobic slur go during the heat of an NBA game. He was forced to emphatically apologize and undergo sensitivity training (mental reprogramming)
  • When an NFL Player decided to kiss another male during the draft, everyone, who supported this exhibition, was “free” to express their opinion. When an NFL Player decided to express his honest sentiment against this display, which was shared by many other straight men, who also found it uncomfortable to watch; he was HEAVILTY chastised.
  • #METOO Movement: it has attacked and destroyed the careers of  a lot of men often for frivolous reasons.

You will hear talk about having “serious conversations” or “a debate” about issues. However, whenever someone says something that is not PC (aka NOT DEEP STATE APPROVED); there is NO DEBATE.  The person is ostracized, comes under heavy withering attack. People have even lost their jobs for making Non Deep State Sanctioned comments either at home or on Social Media

When dealing with this pressure, young men are given a few options:

  • Adapt and succeed in the tricky, double standard rules for the modern male
  • Do not adapt and feel suppression and oppression. This results in an ever increasing internal pressure and pain.  Men must look to outlets for this pain:
    1. Some look to take part in active outlets (Exercise, Sports, Etc.)
    2. Some look to watching Sports especially violent Sports (increasing popularity for Football, MMA, Etc.)
    3. Sex (Dating lots of women, Porno, Shows that have lots of women, overly sexualized roles for women)
    4. Violent Video Games and Other forms of Fantasy Get Aways
    5. Drugs
    6. Violent Sub-Cultures to actually partake in violence to help relieve the pain coming from suppression.

The Deep State’s Reaction has been to suppress those outlets and to close these avenues:

  • Sports both in person and on television are increasingly regulated and the violence is being taken out. It should be noted that it is not excessive violence that is being taken out.  Violence and physicality is a natural part of a boy’s expression of self.  Basketball, Football, Wrestling, MMA all provided controlled outlets for this natural aggression.  However, most of these sports have now been neutered of the very physicality that was once central to them.  As a result, they are no longer a true avenue or release for those dealing with the pain of suppression.
  • Sex: This was a major outlet during the 90s and Early 2000s, when the Deep State’s social policy was being really ramped up. However, now, there is an active effort to take out anything involving women that is deemed too male centric.  As an example, the WWE at one time had tons of good-looking women as valets and other roles; but now it is replaced by somewhat manly women who are just wrestlers.  The only sexual avenues left for males is dating and porn.  However, there are moves to increasingly regulate porn and make it categorized as an “addiction’, and then the #MeToo Movement has done a number on dating.
  • Violent Video Games instead of being allowed as an avenue for males to release their violent urges, are increasingly blamed for causing violence thus setting them up to be increasingly regulated and limited.

With men increasingly feeling suppressed, oppressed and punished for simply being who they are; the avenues to relieve the pressure, stress and pain that they feel have been systematically cut off leaving two main options: 1) Drugs; 2) Real World Violence.

Combined with the Deep State’s promotion of drugs (either directly pushing it into society (Crack); promoting it through its media sources; and outright promotion via its Opiate/Prescription Network); Drug Use has Skyrocketed especially for young men.  No race has been spared.

The other option which is violence has also spiked and no race has been spared even though the expression amongst races may be different.

  • Large Numbers of White People, along with other Races in smaller numbers,  have started to take part in lone wolf or violent acts of rage often connected to politics or other ideologies
  • Ethnic Gangs have drawn in various Ethnicities (Hispanics, Blacks, Russians, Italians, etc.)
  • White Supremacist Groups draw in White People
  • Terrorist Groups draw in Middle Eastern populations.

Nevertheless, these groups have a common denominator, they are mostly young males.

The more and more that this violence spikes up the more likely the Deep State is to use it as an excuse to do what it does best: “turn evidence of its failure and destruction into justification to intensify its own policies and its oppression.”

The MSM will never point out to these violent events as evidence that young males are living in misery in a society that is increasingly failing them.  Instead, they either point to mental illness (which is also another symbol of the increasing failed nature of the society) or their favorite topic: Taking Away People’s Guns.

Why do they want to take guns away?  Of course, this is another way in which the Deep State can oppress and control you.

The Deep State has set up the approved parameters for the debate on Guns:

Dangerous Weapons That Need To Be Taken Out of Society vs. Legitimate Use for Hunting

What this debate leaves out is the Founding Fathers actual reasoning for allowing weapons, which was not hunting. The real reason the Founder’s in their brilliance advocated the right to bear arms was to protect people against the very enemy that the rising Deep State presents.

As the riots and excessive police reaction in the Summer Riots of 2020 provided, the right to bear arms and to protect one’s store, family and self is imperative and guns are more than just for hunting.

As is the case in the Middle East, people are pushed to the breaking point. When they finally break, the Deep State will have its justification to act with impunity against them.

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