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Deep State Of Affairs Part Six: Translation of Deep State Talk

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To Understand, what is going on in the world, it is important to put events and situations in their place within the context of this current overall ongoing conflict.

It is also important to understand what is really being said when Deep Statists speak.  As such, it important to understand their penchant for projection and to place their words into a Deep State Translator.

As an Initial Step, there is a need to identify the most ardent Deep Statists especially those who are active on Social Media.

Here is a Partial List:

  • Jason Brodsky
  • Mark Dubowitz
  • Mike Pompeo
  • Brian Hook
  • Yossi Mansharof
  • Michael Singh
  • Hillel Neuer
  • Nikki Haley
  • Ted Cruz
  • Marco Rubio
  • Lindsey Graham
  • Richard Goldberg
  • Dinesh D’souza
  • Margot Cleveland
  • Tom Cotton
  • Omri Ceren
  • Sean Hannity
  • Eli Dror
  • Hananya Naftali
  • Lawk GHafuri
  • Charles Lister
  • Kenneth Pollack
  • Baxtiyar Goran/Rudaw/Other Kurdish Sites (They Promote the Kurdish Ideology and Political Thoughts which are detailed above)
  • Steven Nabil
  • MEI (Middle East Institute)
  • Joe Truzman
  • Walid Phares
  • Adam Milstein
  • Adam Kizinger
  • Daniel Reed Crenshaw
  • Jim Hanson
  • Michael P. Pregent (Huge NEOCON/DEEP STATISTS – Obsessed with Iraq and Iran – Dreams to run Iraq one day) – Also, speaking of stereotypical looks – he has the Stereotypical NeoCon/Deep Statist look down.
  • Matthew RJ Brodsky (Another Huge NEOCON/DEEP STATISTS – Almost a Clone of Michael P. Pregent)
  • Dan Pollak
  • Eli Lake
  • Alberto Miguel Fernandez
  • Bob Menendez
  • Barak Ravid
  • Seth Frantzman
  • Jason Epstein
  • Elliot Abrams
  • Walton K. Martin III
  • Ariel Cohen, PhD
  • Benny Johnson
  • Debbie Aldrich
  • CliffordDMay
  • John Bolton
  • Bari Weiss
  • Deep Statists Concentrating On Iran
    • Organizations:
      • FDD (Some of the Affiliated Individuals/Bots Listed as well – Some Are Listed Above As Well)
        • Alireza Nader
        • Mark Dubowitz
        • Behnam Ben Taleblu
        • Saeed Ghasseminejad
      • MEK
        • Heshmat Alavi (Proven Fake Bot Account/Brought Back to Twitter Through Deep State Pressure)
        • Maryam Rajavi
        • Iran News Wire
        • Peoples Mojahedin Organization of Iran
        • Mohammad Mohadessin (Given Cult Like Culture of Organization – Men and Women Used for many of these accounts look similar)
        • Dowlat Norouzi
        • IRAN HRM
        • NCRI Women’s Committee
        • m
        • NCRI-U.S. Rep Office
        • Danielf188
        • Effat Haddad (Stereotypical MEK Look)
        • Mitra Motamed
        • NCRI-FAC
        • Ali Safavi (Again, Stereotypical MEK Look)
        • Iran Freedom (4FreedomIran)
        • Masumeh Bolurchi (Stereotypical MEK Look)
        • Arman (Aramana_979)
        • MEK Iran
        • Hooshang roozbahani (Not Stereotypical Look/Not Trying to be Young/hip; but very odd looks that also sticks out)
        • OIAC
        • Peymaneh Shafi (One of the more normal photos used by them)
        • Iranian American community of Georgia
        • Sepideh TehraniPars (Simply Another ODD Photo)
        • Hedayat Mostowfi
        • IAC Texas
        • IACNT
        • Borjkhani Amir (Semi – Stereotypical Look)
        • Homeira Hesami
        • Farzd Madadzade
        • Aida Younesi
        • Alireza Jafarzade
        • EIN Presswire: Press Release
        • Reza Younesi
        • Rezam (One of their trying to look cool/hip/real photos; Also Hidden Face which is a favored maneuver of theirs)
        • Marieh Aria (Trying to Be Hip/Cool; Also Hidden Face)
        • Iranian Roya
        • Mahya Saber
        • Fazeleh Rassouli
        • Amir R Bolurchi
        • Nasrin Saifi
        • Farbod Mah
        • ShanazRx
        • FreedomMessenger
        • Moslem Filabi
        • In_taraf (Young/Hip)
        • Mahya Saber
      • RESTART (Completely Made Up Movement from International Intelligence Forces with zero real followers but heavy social media funding)
        • Restart Leader
        • Elecctron_RS
        • Restart MIGA
        • Persian-Phoenix
        • Londeli1
        • Raha (R_Restart_S44)
        • Shima_rst
        • Shayan_MIGA
        • Iamarestartee
        • Christi75779369
        • Patriotpersian1
        • Helen1776
        • Restartfreeper4
        • ____simorgh____
        • sniperPERSIA771
        • salammahdam
        • Leyli_7777
        • RM_new3
        • Maitsrats
        • Mhosseini1348
        • SeyedMasoudHosseini
        • Mohammad hassan yadollahi
        • RestartCyber
        • Restart_Mozhde_
        • A1lyQ
        • MenInBlack66th
        • Mohsen78067273
        • ParsiNippon
        • Restartkurd11
        • Javadkamali18
        • Pwrqhrmany
        • Frozen_atash
        • Restart9026891
        • Nimarestart98
        • RestartMohsen
        • IranPlateau1
        • Restartsmh1
        • 5Raminjafari
        • Sara69841450
        • Rm_new3
        • QPatriot17
        • Eshgamh
        • Pasto24News
        • Restart41066831
        • Cyrusazarst
        • Qanon76
        • Glayol12
        • Shahinbiltz2
        • Ali57605237
        • Mohammad700N
        • mg_ramin
        • Wisdom
        • Arezou Saaberi
        • Reza Einy
        • Iran True
        • nonameAnonymou7
        • Sahar Morgen
        • Iranian American
        • Baharak
        • Maana_hdr
        • Aryana Ramses
        • Babak Taghvaee
        • Amir Taheri
        • Reza Behrouz
        • Sia Ayrom
        • Ahura Mazda
      • Other Individuals/Bots:
        • Amir Tsarfati
        • Ali Alizadeh
        • Nazanin Bonyadi (Former Scientologist/NewFound Heavily Anti-Iran Activist)
        • Masih Alinejad (Heavily Financed and Invested in Directly by Deep Statists in US)
        • The Hill
        • Newsweek
        • Defensenews
        • Realcleardefense
        • Iran Monitor
        • Al Monitor
        • MEMRI
        • Mina Bai
        • Nettavisen
        • TimesofIsrael
        • Len Khodorkovsky
        • Ray Takeyh
        • Reul Marc Gerecht
        • USA darFarsi
        • UANI
        • CYRUS S
      • Other Media Outlets with Foreign Links and Direct/Indirect Deep State Financing:
        • Voice Of America (Direct US Funding)
        • BBC Farsi/Persian (Direct UK Funding)
        • MBC (Saudi Funding)
        • Manoto (Owned By Mysterious MarjanTV/KayvanAbassi/MarjanAbassi – Initially, Entertainment Only but after gaining Market Share; they have become increasingly Political. Political Links between Ownership and Pro-Trump and Pro-Saudi/Israeli Groups.  As more Political Programs came out, they seem to be squarely pro-Monarchy and Pro-US/Saudi/Israel.)  Kayvan himself seems to be heavily involved in Bahai/Jewish/Israeli groups and has links to AZADI TV, TAPESH TV and Voice Of America.
        • Radio Farda (Directly Financed By US Government)
        • Iran International TV – Funded by Saudi Arabia
      • Deep Statists Concentrating On Russia
        • Julia Ioffe
      • Deep Statists Concentrating On China
        • Gordon M. Chang
        • Craig Singleton
      • Deep Statists Sympathetic Info/Intel
        • Aleph (no_itsmyturn)
        • Aurora Intel
        • INTELSky

How They Operate:

  • There is a difference in operation between the real people and the bots/front accounts. By doing a little bit of investigating, it is obvious to detect which one is an actual real person.
  • Clustering: Certain Groups will cluster together depending on how close they are in ideology/relation, etc. Even amongst accounts deployed by one organization (MEK as an example).  These clusters will repeat similar messages and often retweet each other.
  • Whether real or fake, all of these groups are obsessed with their particular beliefs and/or subject matters. A review of their tweeting history will reveal an almost exclusive history of tweeting about this subject matter alone.
  • Cultish Behavior: These individuals will never admit being wrong and will always use any and all piece of news to claim that they are right and try to (sometimes even desparately) move their narrative forward.  The more ideologically motivated and the more fake, then  the worse the conduct.  As an example, the MEK groups will always have to religiously use terms like “Mullahs”, “Mullah Regime”, etc.  Of course, they will never say anything good about their enemies.  Another favorite thing, that the MEK accounts are especially guilty of, is that they like to post news and then start their clearly canned response with

“My take: “

  • Micro Focus: These groups will put the subject matter under hyper, microscopic focus. Again, with the MEK as an example, they will find any bad event that happens in Iran (someone getting a traffic ticket as an extreme example) and will put it out on full blast on their twitter network.  They will try to make it seem as if it is the worst thing in the world.  On the other hand, if Iran does anything good, they will first try to turn it into a wedge issue to divide the people against the government.  If they cannot drive a wedge, then they will be oddly quiet.
  • Feeding Frenzy: When one of the main benefactors tweets out something on an issue of interest; the Deep State twitter accounts will quickly race to feed like birds, cats or other animals fighting for food from their mother.  As an example, if Pompeo or Trump tweet about Iran, you will quickly see accounts from the groups listed above (MEK, RESTART, ROYALISTS) rushing to kiss ass (Thank You Mr. Pompeo, for blah blah blah).  They do this for a few reasons:
    1. Show their value and loyalty to the Deep State and their Direct Benefactors especially
    2. Try to give the tweet more traction and try to backup the tweeters message by making it seem there are so many Iranians supporting the message
    3. Crowd out any genuine and/or negative reactions by Iranians
    4. Try to get themselves more followers and attention
  • Relationship With Others:
    1. It should be noted that the other side does also have active, ardent followers on Twitter/Social Media Platforms as well as Bots/Fake Accounts. These followers and accounts will at times clash with these Deep State Accounts.
    2. The harshest attacks are for those who are somewhat more neutral and/or somewhat more respected journalists or organizations (NIAC). The more Deep State controlled groups will go into overdrive to try and discredit these other groups and people since these more balanced voices pose a big threat to them.
    3. Against Each Other: The MEK is an established and known group in Iran, and of course the Royalists are clearly known and established as they are followers of the last king of Iran.  The MEK were participants against the last king and so these two groups are clearly adversaries.  Given the links to a former leader of the country, there are more organic followers of the royalists; but the royalists tend to be much less active and ideological than the MEK.  However, there are active twitter accounts for the Royalists.  On the other hand, the MEK is extremely active in the realm of social media and tend to me more radical in their anti-Iran activities.  In fact, there have been extensive reports on the twitter farms that the MEK has, and the MEK’s main account of the supposed journalist Heshmat Alavi has already been proven to be fake.  Only through their powerful Deep State supporters were they able to get this fake account back on.  Restart isn’t really known and seems to be primarily a social media operation. These groups will go against each other from time to time; but all three groups are fans of the Deep State Order.

The other Deep Statists will also from time to time be retweeted and/or will retweet these groups.   In fact, Donald J. Trump re-tweeted Heshmat Alavi’s fake account at one point.

  • These Deep Statists love to live in an echo chamber. They often work in the same think tanks and read/watch the same sources. Have extensive contact with each other. The same is true for the social media networks which serve as an echo chamber to keep repeating their message and to drawn out those who oppose them.
    1. These Networks of accounts drawn out honest discussions between real people
    2. These Networks try to attack and destroy serious sources so to create an impression that their ideological is the dominant conclusion after honest debate
    3. Important to quickly identify these accounts to know what is driving what they are saying
    4. By studying these accounts, we can find out what the Deep State’s overall ideology and goals are in addition to their thoughts on specific events. The more repeated and the more converging the messaging between these accounts then the more clear and important the Deep State’s thoughts.

Consequently, a lot of the Deep State’s messages need to be analyzed and translated to see what the Deep State is really saying, thinking, and trying to do.  It is important to know that the Deep State will often (especially the more official the messenger) not clearly state its intentions but instead couch it in Deep State talk.  While trying to decipher Deep State talk, it is important to recognize that the  Deep State is huge on projection, and to understand the context of what is going on.

Keep these factors in mind when trying to translate a message from the Deep State.

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