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INTERVENING FACTOR: Race/Cultural Wars in the United States:


In Late May of 2020, George Floyd was viciously murdered in a slow, painful execution by police in Minnesota.

The video shocked the conscious and this was combined with increasing incidents of killings of blacks in America.

Altogether, this tore the bandage off racial wounds in the United States.

The issue raised was police mistreatment, however the actual issues go much deeper:

  • For years, the Deep State’s mainstream culture has promoted an all-out attack on white culture. Many white people feel that they cannot celebrate their own heritage, and they feel that they are under constant attack in their own country. Anything that white people say can very easily be interpreted as racist. The media never celebrates anything associated with White Culture since its not diverse. Whether true or not, much of the white population felt that they were under cultural and racial attack and under the threat of cultural annihilation.
  • In addition to the cultural and racial threat, white people are now under financial pressure. This is especially true in Middle America.  Many of the jobs that provided decent livelihoods are now gone (industrial, manufacturing, carpenters, engineers, etc.).
  • As the jobs left, prosperity was replaced with poverty.  As the suffering shot up, the more they tried to wrap themselves up in the glory of the flag.  This led to ultra-patriotism growing amongst poor white communities.  In their mindset, despite their current conditions, America was the greatest, and they had created America (thus giving them a false image of their own superiority to others who had clearly surpassed them in society).  Due to increasing economic despair and this ultra-patriotism; much of the population enlisted thus becoming perfect fodder for the  forever wars of the Deep State.
  • The regular, dignified jobs and white picket fences of their parents/grandparents had been replaced with PTSD, Meth and McDonalds.

These issues have been compounded by the attacks on their culture.  All the while, the country looked at them and said “What do you have to complain about?”

For black people, the history is both different and similar:

  • Black Americans were initially brought to the United States as property.  They were ripped away from their families and homes. They were stripped of all dignity and honor and were made property.  As slaves, they were abused and misused.
  • This was followed by De Jure Segregation in which Black People were treated as second class citizens by law.
  • The lasting impact of these policies has left:
    • deep emotional and psychological scars;
    • huge educational deficits;
    • immense capital/cultural deficits for Black Americans.
  • White America was responsible for these issues and it must truly understand the shameful damage that they have caused to these people
  • The legacy of this history has been a Black American culture that in many ways is self-defeating and complex.

This culture has been a catalyst for failure for Black Americans as compared to most all other groups.  As a fatal, self-defeating flaw of the culture; the culture often blames others for these failures.

How does the Deep State play in?

As the Deep State is entrenched into the Establishment, it benefits and perpetuates this system.  A system which rips basic racial pride away from black people, doggedly dooms them to disadvantage; and instills a culture of scapegoating and blaming white people.

This culture fails to discern between those with pale skin drinking lattes while looking down from the tidy tinted windows of their ivory towers, and the average White American, who is also barred from entering through the opulent gates of the increasingly separated gated communities.

There can be no doubt that for many years white privilege benefitted almost all white people over others especially blacks.  In recent years, however, the Deep State’s system has rampaged over white communities with a ferocious frenzy.  As a result, poverty supplanted prosperity in white communities as well.

As manufacturing jobs left black communities and black people failed to properly adapt; they allowed themselves to become prey to drug use, entitlement, and decline.  White people often chastised them.

What happened when white people felt the same circumstances?

Ironically, the same thing.

As crack cocaine was allowed to wreak havoc on black neighborhoods, the Deep State not only allowed Meth and Heroine to decimate white communities; but through companies like Purdue actively pumped dangerous opiates and other prescription drugs into these communities.  This was combined with wars that left many mangled, disfigured, deranged, and gravely injured.  Doctors were encouraged to prescribe more and more powerful, addictive prescription drugs.  The result…. Widespread addiction.

The culture of addiction also seeped in and was promoted throughout these communities.

As for blacks, the Deep State didn’t think the effects of crack cocaine was enough.  They added on extreme punishment for crack cocaine possession, and then made sure that they didn’t survive the scourge of prescription drugs unscathed either.   Soon, rappers were promoting Purple Drank.

Despite the various cultures that make up the diverse American tapestry, the traditional Black and White America makes up one of the most fundamental cornerstones of society.

The American system has turned both against each other; but a closer examination shows a far more similar struggle against ironically almost identical issues, reactions, and strife.

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