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June 23, 2020
Woodworking dust collection

Using the Proper System for Woodworking dust collection

The dust that accumulates during the process of woodworking has been known to be a hazard and a health risk if not properly disposed of. This would be why a woodworking dust collection system to properly dispose of the wood chips, shavings, and dust. When the proper protective equipment, such as face masks and Goggles aren’t worn […]

1. Kreg PRS1045

Best Router Table – Comprehensive Buying Guide and Top Picks

Router tables are the equipment that takes your router and make it more precise and useful for woodworking jobs. It adds stability, durability, and convenience to your works and enables you to make professional style cuts with ease. So, having the Best Router Table for your woodworking needs is necessary. But, when you browse online for Best Router […]

FIFA 20 Cover

What is the Best FIFA 20 Formation?

Contents1 “In FIFA 20 there is one custom formation that stacks the odds in your favor every game and right now it’s the best FIFA 20 formation we know of.” By TheStrxngeR1.1 Here is how you setup the ultimate FIFA 20 formation1.2 Firstly, set your formation as 4-2-41.2.1 Strikers1.2.2 Wingers1.2.3 Mid-Fielders1.2.4 Center Backs1.2.5 Wing Backs1.3 […]

What I learned playing FIFA. 21

What I learned playing FIFA.

In a time of every self styled guru on every conceivable topic, I am trying to come up with a title for my FIFA analysis that is accurate. “A definitive guide to fifa?” “How to win at FIFA?” That’s not what it’s about. For me it is about getting better. It’s an analogy that applies […]

Free Trade

Economic and Free-Trade Zones

The trend towards globalization has been ever increasing. Economic borders have been shrinking. This is primarily due to trade zones, i.e. NAFTA, Euro, Trans Pacific-Partnership and many regional ones. These type of trade agreements are often criticized. The criticism centers around the terms of the agreement. Countries feel like they are not getting a fair […]

Influencer whispering

What Does Being an Influencer Mean?

Instagram Playbook People portrayed in the media are increasingly being portrayed as “influencers”. This the concept isn’t new. Influencers have existed throughout history. Someone with social clout and attention. Clearly they have some value as we would collectively ignore them, but we don’t and in the 2000’s we have seen their rise in the digital […]

Allan Ramsay - King George III in coronation robes

Why Luxury Has Lost All Meaning

What makes real estate luxury? “Luxury” is an over used word because it has lost all meaning. Everything is luxury. Or at least that’s how things are marketed. So what is luxury? Getting what you want, when you want it, the best of whatever it is and if you can’t think of anything then just […]

self reflection

What is masculinity and the masculine ideal?

Contents1 A search for the definition of masculinity in a global, historical, contemporary and personal context.2 Define Masculinity2.1 What does it mean to be a man? What does masculine mean?2.1.1 First we must look at: the history of masculinity.2.2 Masculine Strategies2.2.1 Improve Masculinity2.3 Masculine Men are Heros2.4 Direction, goals and adaptability2.5 Why is adaptability important?2.5.1 Relationships. […]

Felline 8 and a half

Becoming an independent filmmaker

Recognizing how independent movies differ from studio images With the Perfect script under your arm along with a Team of enthusiastic team players, you are going to start an exciting ride. The one most significant thing that goes into building a successful movie is your fire to tell a narrative. And the very best way […]